Plot: The annual garden party at the Perch estate attracts the richest, most socially upscale attendees, as one of the year’s most prestigious social events. The best food, the best drinks, and of course, a garden party needs to boast some remarkable landscaping to really impress. But the expensive, also illegal garden supplements have produced more than beautiful flowers, to say the least. As the party unfolds, guests begin to notice large, aggressive wasps on the prowl. These bastards don’t just sting either as it turns out, they’re able to nest inside their victims, then break out of their host in a larger, more lethal form. The initial swarm claimed countless victims, most of whom were used to incubate even more wasps. Now few survivors remain and as time passes, more and more wasps arrive to finish off those still alive. Will anyone survive this waspocalypse or will the swarm continue to grow and spread?

Entertainment Value: I do love killer insect movies, so giant mutant wasps preying on rich people seemed like a lot of fun. The story is simple, wasps arrive, wasps kill people, people try to survive wasps, but it covers all the needed bases. The tone is darkly comic, which seems pretty ideal for a movie about bugs gone wild. This leads to a nice mix of humor and horror, which isn’t always a good combo, but Sting balances them nicely and it all works well. The cast has a lot of colorful folks involved, but a lot of the wackier ones die off toward the start. I love how varied the guests are, with some wild characters that add a lot of fun to the opening scenes. Lance Henriksen is on deck and as always, makes even mundane scenes come to life. Matt O’Leary and Jessica Cook are solid in the leads, while Clifton Collins, Jr. adds a fun, memorable turn in a supporting role. The actual bug stuff is a ton of fun as well, though of course some not so fun CGI sneaks in often, which is a disappointment. But aside from that, this is a very fun movie that lovingly embraces its monster movie roots. If you’re a fan of creature features, Henriksen, or seeing rich people killed by wasps in a cruel twist of ironic fate, check it out.

No nakedness. A good amount of wild violence in this one, as wasps punish the rich and use their husks to mutate into ravenous killing machines. A lot of CGI is on the loose, which of course I dislike, but some scenes would have impractical to pull off without that approach. The various stings look good, with some very graphic ones, like a stinger that slams through a woman’s eye socket. Not all of these look as good as others, but it is still fun to see all the carnage, especially during the initial attack. The wasps emerging from the host bodies ensures some crazy shit too, with bugs ripping and tearing their way through flesh and bone. The wasps look cool, especially the queen and the giant maggot toward the end. There’s some fun dialogue here, but once the wasps kick things into gear, the tone shifts more toward survival than humor. But there’s fun while it lasts and plenty of colorful characters while the garden party is open. On the craziness side, this one stays within usual monster movie conventions, but it does have a few wacky moments and a wild conclusion.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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