Plot: Countess Martine (Alice Arno) has a ravenous sexual appetite and indulges herself whenever possible, but sometimes her desires run out of control. Hence why she has been locked up in a psychiatric hospital, as she sliced off her lover’s penis and loved the experience. But now she is back at her plush estate and she has no plans to limit her sexual exploration, as she does have an underground sex dungeon, after all. Her husband encourages her rampant libido, since he can also benefit from the various lovers she takes on, mostly beautiful women. She even has a live in housegirl (Lina Romay) available for sexual enjoyment, which both take advantage of on quite a regular basis. She has her eyes on a new conquest now however, a young woman who was seen masturbating close to the estate grounds. Martine sets out to seduce her and add her to the house stable, but what about the strange statues in the dungeon, could Martine’s dark sexual desires be even darker than anyone could imagine?

Entertainment Value: Also known as Plaisir a Trois, How to Seduce a Virgin is a wild Jess Franco flick that features a host of his regular performers. The plot is kind of thin, with a sexual beast played by Alice Arno who cuts off a guy’s cock and seduces her way through beautiful women, always on the edge of indulging the darker side of her sexual desires. The movie is weird, but this is Franco so that’s a given, while also giving off a strong artistic vibe. The visuals and atmosphere here are great, erotic but also with that sense of potential dread at times. This is by no means a horror movie, but there is a dark side to the sexual desires of Martine, to be sure. The cast has a host of Franco regulars, with Arno, John Vernon, Robert Woods, Tania Busslier, and Lina Romay, who is beyond hot as always. Romay plays a mute house girl who Martine uses as a plaything in the bedroom and she just exudes sexual charisma. This one is driven by lesbian sex, so expect almost constant sex scenes and tons of naked flesh. I think this is a very fun movie that features some beautiful women and a creative, memorable atmosphere. Fans of Franco and his troupe of performers should check it out, as well as anyone who enjoys erotic, offbeat cinema.

This one is packed with wall to wall nudity, including numerous lesbian scenes that never fail to entertain. Most of the women here rarely have clothes on, so there’s a lot of breasts, bare ass, and bush. Like, a lot of big, bold bush. You also see some man ass and a brief glimpse at a guy’s limp junk, but its mostly naked chicks here. The sex scenes aren’t graphic per se, but they do have vivid shots of vaginas in great detail, so it goes beyond the normal level of nakedness. And a scene where a woman slides her vagina over a guy’s limp dick, so a little graphic at times. There’s like a tiny bit of blood, but not much and its never graphic. There’s some interesting lines here and there, but for the most part, the actions speak louder than words here. On the insanity scale, we have Lina Romay’s crazy eyes, the twisted end sequence, an offbeat atmosphere, a dick removal, and of course, a scene where Romay seduces a mannequin and even performs oral sex on it. So yeah, this one’s on the wacky side, to be sure.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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