Plot: A group of “college students” are about to trek into the desert for the adventure of a lifetime…riding horses. While the redneck locals at a tourist center make them a little shaky, the trip continues on toward high adventure. Of course, a busted fuel pump derails the group, now stranded in a desolate stretch of road. Certain the yokels will be of no help, they decide to hike the six to eight hours to a campsite, after all, why waste even more of this once in a lifetime experience? This leads to all kinds of unexpected fun, such as a redneck with a shotgun, one of the lamest campfire stories ever, and of course, a scarecrow who refuses to stay on his cross. Since the scarecrow was close to their campsite, his absence his quickly noticed, but brushed off, since after all its not a scarecrow can come to life, right? Can anyone survive the acid washed jeans and the murderous scarecrow?

Entertainment Value: This one has a lot of the bullet points fans of shot on video curios look for, all of which combine to give us a fun, odd movie. A group of pretentious friends heads into the desert to ride horses, I guess and ends up facing off with local hicks and a scarecrow rampage. The friends ignore the advice of a local who knows the area well, which is always a fun way to kick off a series of murders, if you ask me. The movie nails the low rent, dusty atmosphere we want from these kind of flicks, complete with bad audio and hilarious performances. The guide stands out as my personal favorite, with his awkward flirtations and miserable campfire story voices. I was torn because I wanted him to die, but I also loved his cringe value. Not to mention he’s pretty much dressed like a bargain basement Indiana Jones. The rest of the cast is almost as outlandish, with terrible performances that are insanely fun to watch and all kinds of off the wall dialogue. Throw in a scarecrow that steals cars and rattles off one liners, you’ve got quite a wild ride in this one. I had a lot of fun with Dark Harvest and I want to make new friends just to force them to watch this.

A beautiful set of huge jugs are unleashed, thanks to a love scene in a chicken coop, which just makes it even better. Not much else to speak of on the sex side, besides some awkward open mouth kissing between the guide and a chick who I guess just has to make out with someone after she fires a gun. The blood quotient is on the low end, with some aftermath mess, but not much kinetic violence. I do love the scene where the guy thinks his girl is scratching his back too hard during sex, only to realize its the scarecrow with a pitchfork. I also think the scarecrow effects look passable and fun, so kudos to the team for rising above the limited resources there. The dialogue is hilarious, made all the better by the cast’s good intentions and limited talent. Awkward exchanges and odd bits of dialogue abound, which is great news, I think. One guy complaining about dragging his girlfriend’s fat ass across the desert or the guide trying to be sexual while teaching a chick how to fire a gun, its all cringe and its all awesome. The crazy factor here is pretty good, given the offbeat dialogue and characters, unexpected scarecrow charisma, and little moments of oddness here and there. Not a full on, off the rails masterpiece, but it is wackier than you might expect.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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