Plot: A group of cultists have been standing vigil over the corpse of one of their own, under the orders of the cult’s leader. He is convinced that the man will indeed rise from the dead, if only the cult members do what needs to be done. But as he tries to invoke the spirits and raise the dead, the leader is stricken with a heart attack and is rushed to a local hospital. The man dies on the table, but his spirit manages to follow of the nurses home, a beautiful girl named Sherri (Jill Jacobson). Soon the spirit possesses poor Sherri, with plans to extract vengeance on those who were involved in his death. Under the spell of the possession, Sherri unleashes a spree of violent murders and her voice deepens more than a little. Will she be forced to carry out the spirit’s revenge, with even her own boyfriend’s life on the line? Or can a dark, twisted ritual prove to be the way to save her soul and exorcise the spirit?

Entertainment Value: Hot young nurses and demonic possession is a fantastic combo, if you ask me. Nurse Sherri blends the supernatural horror with a little of the nurse based exploitation, with fun results. Sherri is possessed by the spirit of a cult leader, who wants payback for dying on the hospital’s watch, which is a simple plot, but one that does all it needs to do. A blind football player, a plucky nurse, and an embittered member of the cult all play prominent roles in the narrative as well. This is more horror than exploitation, so if you’re more interested in breasts than blood, you might be a little let down. The movie makes some odd choices that really ramp up the fun, such as Sherri’s demonic voice, the green blob possession effects, and a cast of folks who probably mean well, but struggle with even the most basic lines. I think the performances here are quite hilarious and a positive to the entertainment value, but I know not everyone appreciates this kind of thespian handiwork. This is just a fun, drive-in b movie romp, a brisk and entertaining flick.

Despite the allure of naughty nurses, Nurse Sherri doesn’t pile on the naked healers by any means. You’ll see a few topless scenes and quick looks at bush and bare asses, but don’t expect lingering camera shots. The horror here is mostly supernatural, so there’s some blood, but not a wealth of crimson. Sherri wields a pitchfork in my personal favorite, but she also favors a knife and doesn’t mind slashing or stabbing, so she’s a versatile murderer. The bloodshed isn’t graphic, but it looks good and adds some fun gore to the experience. As I said, the cast here is quite outlandish and that means even basic lines often have unintended humor. Marilyn Joi has perhaps the most laughable moments, but the cast is generous to share around the awkwardly delivered lines and stilted performances. I think the performances add to the fun however, as they make the movie even more entertaining to watch. The craziness is solid here, with several odd moments and the cast’s acting chops, but it doesn’t reach the pinnacle of insanity some possession movies have hit. Even so, it has some wild moments and outlandish scenes, so it deserves some points.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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