Plot: After a movie producer stiffs him on a fare, cab driver Ziggy (Michael Pataki) claims ownership of a script left behind. As it turns out, the script is for a porno movie, but Ziggy is certain this is a sure fire money maker. He enlists his friend Tony (Frank Calcanni), who has dreams of being in the movies, and the two quickly set out to make movie magic. The first hurdle is to secure the finances and since it is a porno, this makes things a little dicey. But they keep the truth about the movie under wraps, being vague or outright lying about the content to line up cash. Tony tells his mother and her friends that it is a religious picture, which earns their investment. Once the movie starts to shoot, Tony has to balance the reality of pornography with the fabricated stories he has told, always on the edge of being busted out. But no one will find out the truth, at least until the premiere…

Entertainment Value: Also known as The Last Porno Flick, Those Mad Mad Movie Makers is a broad comedy that centers on the production of an adult film. But this is no wild, ribald experience, instead it is a straight comedy that just happens to involve the porno business. So if you come in expecting a rowdy, risque movie, you’ll likely be let down here. But that doesn’t mean the movie falls flat, as it is well written and populated with colorful folks. The premise is also fun, as regular, inexperienced people try to throw together a porno movie, while hiding the truth from their loved ones. The colorful roles are what really helps this one, between the actress who just wants to be a real thespian to the overly religious gaggle of mothers. The humor is often effective, but these are minor laughs, not riotous comedic elements. But between the characters and the mostly solid writing, there are some good laughs to be had. I do think a comedy about a porno shoot should be more wild and over the top, but clearly this was crafted as a safer, more mass appeal type production. I wanted this to stand out somehow, but instead we have a decent, but unremarkable picture.

Despite being a movie about the production of a porno film, this one has no naked flesh whatsoever. No blood. The movie does have fun dialogue and colorful characters, however. I think the hippie director is the highlight, so laid back and so sleazy, with a host of fun lines. But most of the folks here add some flavor, from the stereotypical Italian mothers to the wacky script girl to a woman who can pleasure men beyond belief with just her elbow. The dialogue is hit and miss, but there’s enough fun lines to warrant a few points, when combined with the silly characters. Aside from those wacky characters, there’s not much here that stands out. So in terms of insanity level, this one is low and takes minimal risks. No pushing of boundaries or going for broke, just a run of the mill, middle of the road movie. 

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10