Plot: Matthew Wilson (Todd Fulton) had an unexpected delivery in his mailbox, a video cassette labeled Escapes. While he didn’t order the movie, he is excited to see it features Vincent Price, so he pops it in to check it out. As promised, Vincent Price is indeed the host of the video and he welcomes the viewer to a collection of short, but scary tales of mystery and fantasy. The stories range from a child testing a local legend based on a covered bridge to a strange, but friendly small town that loves coffee, to a fisherman who finds himself in quite an ironic situation. Matthew loves horror movies, but once the tape ends, will he discover this delivery was a random kindness, or part of his very own horrific tale?

Entertainment Value: A collection of shot on video vignettes, Escapes stands out thanks to the involvement of Vincent Price. While Price doesn’t have much screen time, he is part of the anthology’s wraparound tale, so he appears more than once here, including as the mailman who drops off the tape. But if you’re only interested in this because of Price, you might be let down, since he isn’t present throughout. As with all anthologies, some of these stories are better than others, but that’s the nature of the beast. These also vary greatly in terms of length, as some are rather substantial, while others pass by in a flash, so its not a consistent experience. I can’t defend most of Escapes as well crafted or all that original, but it does have some bright spots. Besides Price’s scenes, we also get some odd moments that add to the entertainment value, such as bizarre creatures and obsessions with a hot cup of coffee. The pace is still a little slow on most of these, but at least there’s some weird stuff to help pass the time. While it is very hit and miss, I think this is worth a peek for fans of Price and horror anthologies in general.

No nakedness. No blood. These are tales that lean toward light horror, so I don’t think the absence of blood and breasts is that much of a surprise. In terms of dialogue, of course anything Price says tends to seem cool, but outside of that, not much stands out. The odd rednecks and their coffee fetish provide some down home charm, especially when the local argues with the punk kid. So a few colorful characters dot these stories, but not much is all that memorable in terms of lines. On the crazy scale, this one plays safe and doesn’t earn much of a score. Price as a mailman is great fun and I did love the twist at the end, so I’ll award one point there. But overall, this movie doesn’t push things much and keeps the horror within tried & true boundaries.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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