Plot: Eebee has locked up her bong world tight, making sure none of her prisoners can escape again. This is bad news for Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) and Sarah (Robin Sydney), who are ready to return home after spending over six dull months inside the bong world. Of course, Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) and the Gingerdead Man love the weed and topless girls of the bong world, but they wind up involved when Larnell is desperate for a way out. As it happens, Eebee is willing to let them go home, but they’ll need to do what she wants. The evil bong herself needs a million dollars and once she has that cash, she will release Sarah. But if Larnell and Rabbit aren’t able to sell Eebee’s weed and raise the money, the poonishers will ravage Sarah beyond belief. Can the boys handle the trials and tribulations of selling a million dollars worth of weed, or will they all end up back as prisoners in the bong world?

Entertainment Value: The fifth installment in the Evil Bong series, this movie knows what fans want and sticks to that formula. Larnell and Rabbit sell weed, while Sarah is held prison by Eebee and has huge tits rubbed on her head. This one doesn’t veer off the stoner humor and cameos the franchise was built on, throwing in a wealth of faces that fans of the series know well. Hambo is back, Gingerdead Man is here and worries about being a worse lay than Ooga Booga, the two pothead friends are here, the rednecks are on deck, the starstruck Asians are back, and then we have the regulars like Larnell, Rabbit, Sarah, Eebee, and of course, Grandpa. And of course, David DeCoteau and David De Valle as themselves. The humor is on the same track as previous movies, with a focus on weed jokes and random dialogue. This is silly fun, terrible CGI, and fan service for those who appreciate this quirky series. If you’re a fan of Evil Bong movies or Full Moon, give this fifth volume a chance.

A few topless girls are present, with the two “poonishers” having ample chances to show off their breasts. The highlight has to be Gingerdead Man railing Candy once again, only to be shaken by the realization that she’s a slut. She has a great body however, so its a great addition to the movie. No violence in this one, aside from a cartoon style punch, so no blood. Plenty of outlandish dialogue however, with Jacob Witkin earning top honors, as per usual. He rattles off some impressive, creative insults like always, burning poor Larnell non stop. The screen time is short, but he makes up for it with quality, just a fun performance. The wild lines are spread out as well, with one liners from most of the characters. Hambo has some choice cuts, as well. The dialogue is silly, random, and stupid, but quite fun. This one never gets too wild and sticks with what the series is known for, instead of off the rails moments. So some good fan service, but playing it safe isn’t bad in this case.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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