Plot: As a group of female friends prepare for an epic slumber party, they discuss the finer details over a game of beach volleyball. Of course, the girls’ boyfriends want to attend, as well as some other guys looking to crash the party, but the friends insist this one is girls only. Aside from a run-in with a creepy dude on the beach, the day goes well and as night falls, the slumber party begins. Things kick off with some booze and strip teases, as well as all the girl talk one house could hold. But the guys try to crash and while the girls won’t let them in, they soon learn the guys aren’t the only ones trying to find a way in. The weirdo from the beach is seen outside, one of the guys is missing, and the police seem to have no interest in lending a hand. When one of the girls turns up dead however, it begins to become clear that someone is planning to do a lot more than crash this slumber party!

Entertainment Value: This review is based on the 87 minute unrated cut of the movie, not the 75 minute theatrical version. The third installment in the Slumber Party Massacre series ends the franchise with a whimper, not with a bang. The usual set up is here, a group of girls throw a sleepover and a killer stalks them down, one by one. I do appreciate some of the efforts made here, but in the end, this is a fairly dull experience. The killer is kind of fun, as are the red herrings thrown out, while there is some decent effort made to give the murderer some kind of proper motivation. But this is a slasher movie and sadly, it moves at a glacial pace and doesn’t often rise to even middle of the road status. I wouldn’t mind the slow pace if the characters were colorful and the dialogue was fun, but there’s not much of that here to distract us. Maria Ford is the only memorable part of the cast, so at least her presence elevates things a little. Even with these woes however, it still has some bright spots and a couple nice kills. And since it is part of a slasher franchise and boasts some moderate 80s horror texture, I’m sure some will be able to look past most of the faults. So if you’re a slasher addict or a franchise completionist, this one is worth a spin. But don’t expect it to be on the level as the previous two installments.

Some solid nakedness in this one, mostly brief topless shots from various slumber party chicks. There’s a creepy scene toward the close that features one of the girls trying to soothe the killer long enough to allow her to overtake him, which features a topless death and some sleazy molestation vibes. So some nice breasts on showcase, but not a wealth of naked flesh. On the blood front, most of the kills are off screen and we just see the blood aftermath, but a few nice ones pop in. The drill through the car seat is a fun one, while the finale features a gruesome drill death that packs a crimson punch. But the best death isn’t shown and doesn’t involve blood, when a girl is electrocuted while using a vibrator. A few bubble head lines are here, but not nearly as many vapid exchanges as you might hope. The killer doesn’t uncork many great one liners either, so overall not much memorable dialogue in this one. In terms of the insanity scale, besides the sex toy death and the creepy “you can do anything you want” scene, there’s not much here that stands out much.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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