Plot: Alice (Sharon Kelly) is a waitress, but she has dreams of being a movie starlet instead of taking orders. She is obsessed with movies, spending her time at cinemas and staying up to catch the late shows on television. One day at the diner, Alice is noticed by a man who works in the film business and she is offered a small role, but even being an extra is a dream for her. After she blows the guy, Alice gets her background role, at least until an accident on set knocks her out. Luckily, she can still have a part in the movie, a better one in fact, if she agrees to sleep with a crew member. Eager to climb the ladder, she does as she is asked and lands the bigger part, only to be struck down once again by an on set accident. Once again, the chance to score a bigger role is presented, provided she have sex with someone higher up the crew’s social circle. As she sleeps her way to the top, will Alice continue to be the victim of these bad luck accidents or can she finally make her starlet dreams come true?

Entertainment Value: A light, humorous take on the casting couch culture of Hollywood, Alice Goodbody is a fun movie. Sharon Kelly stars as Alice, who gets her big break, only to embark on a series of sexual conquests and on set accidents that keep pushing her up the food chain. While this movie obviously pokes fun at the way the film business works, it does so with love and a sharp sense of humor. Just about every rung of the Hollywood ladder is made fun of, in loving fashion. The tone is brisk, with a mix of sex comedy and some broad slapstick, most of which works well. Alice’s progression of injuries are fun to watch, especially once she’s in a neckbrace and arm sling, with a black eye and wounded head. But she is ever optimistic and eager to please despite her woes, which is what makes the movie so much fun. Kelly is fantastic in the lead, with wide eyed innocence even as she participates in a wide scope of sexual activities. The rest of the cast is fun too, with a good assortment of colorful characters, most of whom have odd or interesting quirks. This one is a fun watch and for fans of sex comedies or beautiful naked women, it is well worth a look.

A wealth of nudity is on showcase here, though most comes from our lead, the impressive Sharon Kelly. That’s not a complaint though, as she looks great here and shows off her full arsenal of goodies. Breasts, bare ass, and bush galore from Kelly, who is naked more than clothed in this one. A few other scenes feature some naked flesh as well, including a scene where a girl plays the harmonica with her vagina. More breasts and butts, so a high volume of nakedness here. Alice gets injured often, but no blood at all in this one. A lot of humorous lines and colorful characters here though, with the bored and gassy producer being my personal favorite. He belches through lines and farts during sex, all while telling everyone how boring it is to have whatever you want. But he’s just one of the outlandish folks here, such as Alice herself, a paranoid director, a guy with a serious food fetish, and one dude who promotes the value of elephant porn. Good times. This one is certainly over the top at times, but the slapstick tone lessens the crazy points somewhat. But with this many colorful characters, sharp lines, and ridiculous moments, Alice Goodbody still earns its keep.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10