Plot: A troubled, violent delinquent (Olaf Ittenbach) is forced to babysit his younger sister, so he shoots up some drugs and settles in for the night. But he is wired like a microwave and his sister can’t sleep, so being the good brother he is, he tells her some bedtime stories. He is a junkie with a melted mind however, so his yarns are a little more graphic than the usual fairy tales. The first story follows a man who watched his family get slaughtered as a child, then turned to serial killing himself. Out on a date with a nice woman, he engages in small talk and goes through the usual motions. But he has darker plans and she will need a lot of luck to survive the night. The other story is about a priest who shepherds his flock in church, but doesn’t like to practice what he preaches. This is because he rapes and murders people, believing his violent actions will purify their evil souls. These horrific stories might not seem like the best choice to help a little girl fall asleep, but junkies know best, right?

Entertainment Value: The second movie from splatter king Olaf Ittenbach is one of his most popular and infamous releases. He plays the storytelling junkie himself, sharing two outrageous tales of violence, murder, rape, and of course, a tidal wave of blood and gore. The narratives are thin of course, but they do what they need to do, which is set the stage for all the carnage Ittenbach unleashes. The splatter is the draw here without a doubt, but the movie more than lives up to its wild reputation. So if you’re not into outlandish amounts of blood and violence, The Burning Moon is likely going to scar you in numerous ways. This isn’t a horror movie with a scene of gore here and there, this is splatter first and foremost, with some horror elements in the narrative. The cast is up for what needs to happen, so enthusiasm overrules thespian abilities here. The victims do their job well and the sadistic killers bring the sense of murderous joy that you want from this kind of flick. I mean, the last fifteen minutes or so alone has enough insanity, blood, and “what the fuck” moments to make this a must see for fans of splatter and shot on video mayhem. So if you’re into splatter movies, shot on video curios, or just love insane cinema, this is a must for your collection.

On the nakedness front, just one breast and some man ass. But hey, there’s no time for nudity when we know blood is the leading lady of this one, right? As far as that sweet, sweet crimson, this one has more than enough gore to earn a perfect score. Just an endless assortment of atrocities that unfold at a frequent pace, with frenetic bursts of violence that hold nothing back. There’s a lot of gun shots, slicing, stabbing, and such, but that is just the tip of the blood soaked iceberg. You’ll also see an internal view of a woman forced to eat an eyeball, a man literally torn apart in vivid detail, a corkscrew to the eye, beheadings, fingers and hands chopped off, people set on fire, you name it and chances are, its in here. Let us not forget the moment when a drill is taken to some teeth and the camera remains focused, letting us see every little bit of tooth debris. In terms of dialogue, there’s some fun sadistic lines here and there, usually from the serial killer in the first story, but they’re infrequent. As I said though, this one is all about the carnage, so it doesn’t dampen the experience. On the crazy scale, this one is wall to wall over the top, so it couldn’t be much more insane. The extreme violence, surreal imagery at times, sadistic characters, and that epic finale, its all just totally off the rails crazy from start to finish here.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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