Plot: Neil (Dingo Jones) and his friend Max (Bushrude Gutterman) have just pulled off a jewel heist of epic proportions, with a quarter million dollar payoff. Once they turn a super rare diamond over to their employer Miss Miles, the friends will collect big and live a life of leisure. But all that goes out the window when a police officer stumbles upon the two, leading Max to swallow the diamond, then shoot the cop, who returns fire and wounds Max. Now both the cop and Max are dead, but with the diamond inside of his friend, Neil is forced to transport the corpse. A chance encounter with Carrie (Ghetty Chasun) seems to turn his luck around, as she will look after the body, as long as she can use it for her own sexual pleasures. It would seem like a mutually beneficial partnership, but a few unexpected wrinkles soon becomes involved. With the police on his trail and time running out to salvage any kind of profit on the heist, can Neil recover the jewel or was this all for nothing?

Entertainment Value: This movie opens with a girl masturbating to photos of gore laced crime scenes, while rubbing a skull on her cooch. That’s the kind of fun Gorotica has to offer and for fans of low rent, shot on video movies, that kind of fun is just what we’re after. The story involves a jewel heist, an ingested diamond, multiple dead cops, an AIDS infected masochist, and a necrophiliac, so if you ask me, that is the kind of narrative we need more of in cinema. Ghetty Chasun is the hot goth girl that likes to fuck dead people and she’s the stand out in this case. Well, the drunk guy who lets Neil take his car is pretty awesome, but still. She embraces the madness quite well, selling it like she’s in lustful bliss riding a corpse in her bathtub. I also liked the guy with AIDS who was dressed like a magician, quite a colorful chap indeed. On the downside, this one has some technical woes and abrupt cuts, but given the age, format, and budget involved, its a minor miracle it turned out this well. Besides if you’re a veteran of low budget, shot on video cinema, you know to expect issues like that. While not as over the top fun as Gore Whore, Gorotica offers a dark, creative vision that entertains and should please most shot on video aficionados.

This one has a love scene where a woman rides a corpse cowgirl in the bathtub, so yes, there’s some nudity involved. Chasun is naked throughout, showing her breasts, bare ass, and lady flower. She also has a scene where she is topless in an S&M style outfit, for those who appreciate that. Also have some male nudity here, as the deceased dong and danglers of Max are shown a few times. The scene where Chasun whips the AIDS guy while he buttfucks Max’s corpse is quite an experience. Not a lot of blood, but there’s a few scenes with some crimson involved. A few gun shots, with a couple resulting in pools of the red stuff, as well as some blood on the back of the dude being flogged. But don’t pass just because of low blood quota, as this one still feels drenched in dankness, from start to finish. The dialogue yields some memorable lines, mostly Neil’s buffoonish comments or odd lines from Carrie. Neil’s attitude toward his dead friend is a fun evolution as well. Not a lot of them pop up, but enough to keep things interesting. I have to give this one some crazy points for the enthusiastic necrophilia, AIDS riddled masochist, drunk guy at the start, Neil’s clueless existence, and the off the wall finale. So yeah, this one gets a little wild at times.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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