Plot: I can normally crank out a synopsis of some sort for just about any movie, but Lung II proves to be a rare exception. Less a narrative than an experience, the movie doesn’t follow the usual cinematic rules and is content to be what it is, an often shocking journey through some dark shit. The focus is on the visuals and the visceral texture of the atmosphere, not on story or dialogue. A man wanders around, driven by his visions of violence and bloodshed. We’re shown snippets into his mind, but whether these are fantasies or memories isn’t always revealed. Not much else I can really say in this area, you just gotta strap in and experience the ride.

Entertainment Value: This is a dark movie with some amazing visuals, with a brutal nature that rarely relents. As with Phil Stevens’ previous film Flowers, Lung II is more of an experience than a traditional narrative. Which is great news, as this kind of creative darkness likely couldn’t be contorted into a normal story format without losing so much of what makes it remarkable. As the pieces of the story do fall into place, it makes you appreciate the journey that much more. Stevens also appears in front of the camera in the lead role, with a crazed, quite brave performance. He is able to convey the inner struggle well, which is crucial to this movie, I think. You’ll see others in smaller roles, but Stevens is the engine here, on both sides of the camera. The movie has almost no lines of dialogue as well, making the performances even more demanding, let alone the other craziness involved. The brutal violence, surreal visuals, and dark tone are going to alienate some viewers of course, but that’s to be expected. For those who appreciate dark, creative cinema, Lung II offers a visceral and unforgettable journey that is well worth taking.

This one has some nudity involved, as a woman is seen topless several times and there’s full frontal exposure for both genders. Not quick flashes either, but extended full frontal in full, vivid detail on both sides. On the blood side, this movie features a host of skilled, remarkable practical effects. The highlight for me had to be the mangled lumps of flesh in the fridge, complete with penis and vagina elements. Then the penis spurts blood all over the place, quite a memorable visual. There’s also a lot of hacking, sawing, and slicing, all shown in full detail with effective technical execution. This is brutal stuff, not slapstick splatter in the least. As I said, there’s almost no dialogue in this and the few lines that are here aren’t intelligible. As far as craziness, this one more than earns the full points. The surreal visuals, brutal, yet dreamlike sequences, graphic violence, and just sense of dread fuel this one. This is a serious brand of insanity however, a dark and disturbing type of craziness.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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