Plot: A small, rural town is in the midst of the worst murder epidemic it has ever seen, but police are baffled. They refuse to admit it to the public, but the killings are connected and it all makes no sense. But it does make sense to Jebediah Woodley (Dolph Lundgren), who knows there is more at work than just simple violence. Woodley had trapped an ancient demon in a vessel and came to the swamp to hide it, since the demon couldn’t be killed. But the vessel was discovered by a hunter’s dog and since then, the demon has jumped from person to personal, possessing whoever killed the last host. This makes capturing the demon difficult, but Woodley knows all the tricks. At the same time, an FBI agent arrives to look into the murders, a woman who used to live in the area named Pierece (Kristina Klebe). At first no one listens to Woodley’s demon talk, but soon it becomes evident that something dark and unexplainable is at work. Woodley has captured this demon before, but he learns that Pierce has some unusual traits and the stakes are higher than ever before.

Entertainment Value: I love the idea of Dolph Lundgren as a demon hunter, so of course I had to see Don’t Kill It. The story is interesting, as Dolph hunts down a demon that can’t be killed, but can sure cause a lot of carnage. I have to admit, this seemed like a pilot more than a movie, but it was still fun. Dolph is terrific here as the smart ass, tough as nails hunter, although having him vape was a questionable choice. I mean, this bad ass dude that hunts demons and fucks redneck prostitutes is a vaper? Nah. The rest of the cast is passable, but of course, Dolph carries the show and does so well. A nice blend of horror, action, and comedy, Don’t Kill It is a kind of jack of all trades, but as the saying goes, it is also a master of none. As such, it isn’t that scary or hilarious, nor is the action that remarkable, but as a whole, it all works. The pace is good, giving time to shed light on some exposition, but never feeling slow or dull. I also just think Dolph interacting with rednecks is entertaining, so even simple scenes entertained. This might not be a genre classic, but Don’t Kill It is solid fun from start to finish. If you’re a fan of horror or Dolph himself, you’ll want to give it a look.

No nakedness. A lot of blood in this one, but the effects are a mix of practical and CGI, which lessens the fun. This movie has a lot of good times though, including someone biting off their own finger just to stab someone with the protruding bone. That’s pretty awesome. We also have shootings, stabbings, hacking, head explosions, face smashing, and even a full body annihilation thanks to some grenades. Dolph even performs a little amateur surgery on himself, as all tough guy action stars must do at one time or another, right? A lot of splashy violence here and of course, that’s what we want to see. Its a shame so much of it is CGI, but there’s still a lot of fun gore here. The dialogue isn’t that memorable, but Dolph has some fun lines. His interactions with the rednecks are great and of course, he is a veteran of tough guy talk. I think one crazy point is earned for Dolph vs. rednecks, but otherwise Don’t Kill It colors within the lines and never goes too far off the rails.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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