Plot: Silk (Cec Verrell) lives in beautiful Hawaii, but as a police officer, she usually deals with the less glamorous side of the tropical paradise. She’s been working narcotics cases of late, trying to shut down some of the drug pipelines. A routine bust of a small drug deal turns out to be much more than expected however, revealing information about a much larger operation at work. Silk now faces a powerful international syndicate, ruthless mobsters, and even corrupt law enforcement. As time passes, more of the bad guys flood the island, thanks to a scheme that involves fake identities. So unless she is able to bring down the syndicate soon, the road to justice will only be steeper and more dangerous. But facing threats from both the criminals and crooked cops, can even Silk manage to crack this one?

Entertainment Value: A low budget, 80s cop show style action picture, Silk was produced by Roger Corman and directed by genre film legend Cirio Santiago. The story is what it is, overly complicated at times and a little slow. But the basic premise is Silk has to stop bad guys, including corrupt cops from overrunning Honolulu with drugs and gangsters. When the movie lets Silk take the spotlight and go into action, it is a wild ride that never fails to entertain. Cece Verrell is like an ice cold, bad ass chick who is a fantastic lead for this kind of movie. I know some dislike her almost zombie-like cold persona, but I think it works. She looks like a femme fatale and handles the action scenes, so she can pull off this role with ease. But when the movie shifts away from Silk, it really grinds to a crawl. A lot of familiar faces are here, especially to genre films fans, but no one is given much to do. The movie is the most interesting and fun to watch when Silk is the focus. Even so, the movie is good fun and has a great 80s action movie vibe, so its certainly worth adding to your collection.

No nakedness. A little blood from gun shots, but nothing graphic or over the top. This movie does have some fun action scenes though, with fights, shoot outs, chases, and low rent, but cool stunt set pieces. I love the fight scenes where Silk kicks ass, not to mention she boards a moving train and hunts down the bad guys. Not wall to wall action, but a good amount and that sweet, sweet 80s vibe is potent. The dialogue here is mostly cop talk, but some cool lines sneak through. Silk has some sharp barbs to throw around, as some of the more colorful bad guys. Not as much wacky dialogue as you might expect, but some gems are present. Silk doesn’t have a lot of off the rails moments, but that thick 80s vibe and bad ass chick earn a point. If the action would have ramped up to insane levels and stayed focused on Silk, things might have been wilder and added some more spark to the experience.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10