Plot: Aphrodite (Antoinette Maynard) and her brother Apollo (Walt Phillips) have voracious sexual appetites, so they keep a stable of slaves on hand to serve their various needs. But they’re always in need of new talent, so Antiochus (Wayne Roberts) ventures to a market to secure some new slaves. While numerous attractive women are being sold, only one truly stands out from the crowd, a beautiful slave named Sappho (Luanne Roberts). A bidding war breaks out and for a large amount of gold, Sappho is bought and sent to Olympus to serve her new masters. Aphrodite is thrilled with Sappho and the two quickly engage in some physical affection, only to have Apollo join in midway and help finish things off. They’ve never had a slave as skilled as Sappho, but when she turns out to be the Princess of Crete, they know they’re in trouble. Meanwhile, Paris (Robin Courtney) heads to Olympus to reclaim the princess and take her home. What will become of this conflict between mortals and the might of Olympus?

Entertainment Value: A nice little narrative is tacked on here, but make no mistake, this one is all about the naked women. A few minutes of story, then a ton of sex, then a little story, then a ton of sex, so on and so forth. But at least an attempt is made to tell a story and some noble efforts to add costumes and other design touches. No one will confuse this for a period epic, but hey, they tried. The sex is non graphic, just naked ladies and dudes with some kind of little underwear on. But the naked flesh is constant, with tons of breasts, bare ass, and full frontal scenes. The cast is well, fun to watch when they’re naked and frolicking, but not great performers. Apollo is probably the stand out just for how outlandish his turn is, with his many shout outs to Zeus’ body parts. The movie does have an unexpected conclusion however, which is nice. I can’t imagine watching this one very often, but it was cool to check it out. If you’re into skin flicks with incest, rape, and the power of Olympus, give it a look.

Lots of naked ladies here, with all the goods on showcase. So tons of tits, ass, and bush to be seen in the movie’s ample sex scenes. The sex is non graphic for the most part, though we do get some wide open beaver shots, with all the pink on display. A bath tub orgy, interracial lesbian love, threesomes, ass rape, incest driven hoedowns, and more, its all fair game when the Olympus crew it hot to trot. So plenty of sex in this one and all the naked flesh you could want. But as I said before, the sex scenes are one sided, so the men wear little skirts to ensure none of their goods pop out. I’m sure most won’t mind, but I did want to mention that. One tiny bit of blood, when one of the slaves is stuck with a sword, but its minimal and non graphic. Not even worth a single point. The dialogue is mostly heavy breathing, but we do get Apollo with some zingers now and then. He is a terrible actor, but fun to watch in most of these scenes. If only to see which of Zeus’ body parts he will shout about next. Not much craziness, just softcore sex and some togas, but hey, at least there’s some hypnotism involved.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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