Plot: Veronica (Sandra Oh) lives a life of luxury, married to a wealthy man and enjoying all the perks of being rich. She dislikes her son’s interest in art, has no real friends, and soon learns her husband isn’t happy in the marriage. On the way to a party, he reveals his displeasure with being her husband, focusing on her problems with alcohol, but hinting at deeper issues. Meanwhile, Ashley (Anne Heche) is on the other end of the social spectrum, living with minimal income and status. She is able to follow her passion for art, but only because her girlfriend works hard to provide. But the imbalance within their relationship is causing friction, so Ashley agrees to work catering at a party to help out her partner. As it turns out, both women are at the same party and were friends in college, until they parted ways. As both try to push down the emotional pressures, they soon meet once again and instantly, their old rivalry rekindles. A tense conversation follows and when they run into each other in a stairwell, things boil over. A vicious fight ensues, but neither expects it to have such a huge impact on their lives…

Entertainment Value: I don’t review a lot of comedies on this site, but I couldn’t resist one where two women throw down in brutal fisticuffs. This is a pitch black comedy, like darker than dark. I love mean spirited dialogue and characters, but man, Catfight has some grim shit involved. The story centers on two women who were once friends, then turned enemies and now, with both in miserable lives, they respark that old rivalry and throw their lives into a chaotic spin. I think the premise is a great one, but when the movie drifts from the main narrative, things fall flat. A good amount of heavy handed political content seems out of place, given the more sharp, subtle social commentary aimed at other topics. But when the movie focuses in on Veronica and Ashley, things just click into place. Sandra Oh and Anne Heche have the leads and turn in terrific efforts, both seem like naturals for these roles. I also really liked Ariel Kavoussi in a small, but fun role as Ashley’s long suffering assistant. Aside from the forced, blunt political elements, Catfight provides a smart and sometimes brilliant experience. If you’re into dark, dark comedies, character driven cinema, or just want to see two women kick the shit out of each other, don’t miss Catfight.

No nakedness. There is blood, but it comes from the fist fights, so it isn’t like horror level gore or what not. Just some bloody noses, scrapes, and abrasions, presented with the amount of blood you’d expect. The movie is called Catfight and was marketed around the throwdowns, so how are the fight scenes? The first one is the best in my opinion, just a down n dirty scrap with grounded choreography. The second fight loses that sense of real world fights, with the women taking repeated blows from a hammer and wrench. Still fun to watch, but I liked the first battle better. The final one is shorter and less involved, but has some cool moments. So if you’re just here for the girl fights, they mostly deliver and the first is just a damn good fist fight. The dialogue here is dark and mean spirited, to levels most films wouldn’t dare. Ruthless satire might be a good way to describe it, as the film takes aim on several social issues. As I said before, the political stuff is way too forced, but the other social commentary takes a more subtle, hilarious approach. The darkness is somewhat eased by the absurd nature of the some of the characters, but its still plenty brutal. The bold, dark humor here earns some crazy points, but things don’t go too far off the rails otherwise. But compared to other dark comedies, Catfight pushes things much further than most.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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