Plot: Gus (Charles Miller) and Jon (Seth Foster) are friends out on a camping trip, but things haven’t gone as planned. The two woke up to discover their camp in disarray with no evident cause, so they’re a little shaken up. They also begin to notice a pulsating light in the trees accompanied by a horrible sound, none of which makes sense and leaves them quite confused. They happen upon a house and there the friends meet Marcie (Elly Koslo), who welcomes them inside. She revives their spirits with good food and drink, while Gus fosters a crush on their friendly host. Jon notices this and prods his friend about it, but Gus is too shattered emotionally to explore a new relationship. The next morning, the two men once again hit the road and once again, are greeted by the strange lights and sounds. These incidents seem to be pushing the men along a certain path, which only gets weirder with each passing moment. What madness is taking control of the woods and will anyone escape with their sanity?

Entertainment Value: As genre film fans, we are overwhelmed with promises of obscure movies that will blow our minds. Of course, few live up to that kind of hype, but Project Nightmare is a rare exception. This is the kind of movie that you have to see for yourself and even then, you might think it was all an elaborate hallucination. The story is bathed in confusion and mystery, but it does lead somewhere and the path is loaded with outlandish moments. The cast is as bizarre as the story, with wooden, almost robotic performances. Marcie is my personal favorite, for her mile a minute, yet nonsensical dialogue. But you gotta love Gus and Jon too, with their rapid fire exchanges that never cease to amaze and baffle. A kind of sci/fi clusterfuck, Project Nightmare is surreal and a little slow at times, but not often. It is such a bargain basement mystical experience, you just get pulled in and have to see how it all ends. If you have even a slight interest in the bizarre side of cinema, you need to see this one.

No nakedness and no bloodshed. I love sleaze and gore, but trust me, you’ll be so hypnotized by Project Nightmare, you won’t even notice. The dialogue here is like from another planet, seriously. The lines are delivered in such deadpan, robotic fashion most of the time, at a fast clip no less. Marcie is out of control with her instant responses and speech pattern that is a miracle to behold. No one has a normal conversation here, even mundane exchanges come off as mind boggling. Gus and Jon can just talk about anything and it has an off putting, otherwordly feel. I had an absolute blast with the dialogue in Project Nightmare, it is unique and beautiful and unforgettable. On the crazy scale, yeah this one more than deserves a high score. Nothing makes sense, the whole movie is like a bad experimental drug hallucination, and it feels like it was made by aliens. I mean all of these things as compliments, as it refuses to play ball and follow traditional movie rules, giving us a one of a kind, mind altering experience. If you want craziness and “what the fuck” moments, Project Nightmare won’t disappoint.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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