Plot: Cherry Skye (Amber Sajben) is a roller derby warrior with some real problems, but at least she has her squadmates to lean. Her new suitor Brad (Jake Brown) has just given her a cool old necklace he bought online, but Jake’s ex Hell Grazer (Rachel Blackwood) is beyond pissed about this new relationship. She might done with him, but she’s not quite ready to see another girl win his affections. This leads to instant conflict between the two roller maidens, but that drama is the least of Cherry’s worries. It turns out the necklace she was given has a supernatural curse attached, which could release a demon and cost Cherry her very soul. The legend of Momma Skate is well known in roller derby circles, but when this hellacious demon is summoned through the necklace, she wants to do more than just lace up her skates. As Momma Skate hunts down everyone in sight, can anyone survive long enough to send her back to Hell?

Entertainment Value: MurderDrome boasts an awesome premise, with a band of roller derby bad asses doing battle with a demon. As cool as that concept sounds, the end result doesn’t quite do the idea justice. But the movie is still a fun watch and its impressive what the crew accomplished with limited resources. As I said, the premise here is simple and very cool, as a demon on inline skates stalks a group of roller derby chicks and chaos ensues. I love the visual design of MurderDrome, with bright and vivid colors, not to mention the cast, which is every bit as colorful and varied. These women look hot and like they’d kick your ass, just what you want from the roller derby world. The cast might not be world class actors, but they have enthusiasm and look bad ass, so that’s enough to push the movie. And come on, they’re on skates the entire movie! While not the over the top, crazy train ride I hoped for, MurderDrome is solid entertainment and has some good moments tucked in there. If you’re into indie horror or just obsessed with roller derby queens, check it out.

No nakedness. A lot of dirty talk, but not walk to go with the talk. There’s a good amount of blood, presented in a mixture of practical effects and rather weak CGI. The blood spurts in generous doses, but most of the eye popping gore is delivered via CGI, which is bad news. Still some solid practical effects work throughout, but its mostly non graphic and the impact violence is off screen. But the red stuff is thick and goopy, so you’ll have some nice bloodshed to soak in. The girls have some fun exchanges early in the movie, with sharp tongues and colorful language. The tone is lowbrow and that’s fine with me, as it yields some humorous dialogue and one liners. Not a wealth of memorable lines, but a fun sense of humor is present here. The idea of roller derby girls versus a demon is insanely awesome, but that wild spirit doesn’t manifest. We have some wacky moments, but the movie never feels like a train off the tracks, just a slasher with some colorful characters involved.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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