Plot: A madman is haunting the dreams of young people, a disfigured maniac that wields a glove with razor sharp claws. He stalks a young woman through a dank, shadowy place until he grabs her and stabs her with his claws. But then she wakes up and realizes it was just a bad dream, she is in bed not chased by a lunatic. As she looks at her arm however, she realizes she has a very real set of slash wounds, as if the maniac from her dream was able to harm her in real life. But these horrific gashes aren’t enough to harsh her good times, so she heads out to chill with some friends. Soon she is involved in a rollicking, romantic adventure, but of course, the bad dreams soon return. And when someone else is attacked by this nightmare stalking monster, even songs about going on a picnic can only do so much. As the songs continue and the violence ramps up, will the truth about this mysterious killer ever be revealed?

Entertainment Value: A Bollywood take on A Nightmare on Elm Street seems like an instant win. I mean, we have a cheesy take on Freddy, the world’s worst Michael Jackson impersonator, and insane songs totally unrelated to the horror elements. I think this kind of shit is hilarious, but those only interested in the horror side of things might be a little disappointed. A lot of familiar moments are here and this is all Elm Street when the horror is the focus, but it isn’t always the focus. Mahakaal also includes huge doses of both over the top comedy and wild musical numbers, but this is Bollywood, so you have to expect that. The movie also runs way too long, at over two hours and really drags in places. Especially if you’re only interested in the horror rip-off segments, though these do increase close to the conclusion. The tone gets a little darker and more horror scenes emerge, which is good news. Even outside the Freddy knock off scenes, this is just an odd movie that can be a lot of fun to watch. The cohesion isn’t there, moving between horror and gleeful musical scenes, but its hilarious at times. If you just want the horror, its a rough ride, but if you just want the spectacle, its worth a look.

No nakedness. Some bloodshed, but not in the volume or frequency you’d expect, since this isn’t a pure horror movie. There’s a cool scene where the Freddy knock off’s face rubs off, as well as a remake of the infamous waterbed sequence. Fans of Elm Street will notice a lot of familiar sights, but then that’s kind of the point, right? More blood comes from non graphic slices, slashes, and impalements, but again, nothing that gruesome or graphic. The dialogue side of things is passable, with some terrible comic relief and great moments with the father of the main girl. He dismisses her claims so totally and puts all the blame on her, its classic stuff. I suppose you have to include the songs here as well, which are ridiculous but also quite fun. As for craziness, the main thing that sticks out is the constant and abrupt shifts in tone, which are jarring but to me, add so much more entertainment value. An attempted rape segues into a cheerful song, horror segues to romance, the options are endless and none of it makes sense. Add in the wildly over the top musical numbers, god awful comic relief actor, and the fact that this is an Elm Street rip-off, and you have some solid craziness. Oh and just in case you wanted a little more, there are random martial arts sequences. So yeah.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10