Plot: As he walks down a crowded street, Inugami (Sonny Chiba) notices someone running as if chased by some unseen force. The man is in a full panic, yelling about a tiger that is going to kill him, but of course, Inugami sees no such animal. But soon the man’s shirt is torn to shreds, leaving behind huge slashes across his back. No one can see what is attacking the man, but he is killed and left a tattered, blood soaked corpse. Now convinced that this tiger curse is real, Inugami puts his street smart investigative reporting skills to the test. As he looks into this unusual situation, he discovers that others have been killed in similar fashion, not to mention all the victims would warn of a tiger on the hunt. He isn’t concerned with potential threats, supernatural or otherwise, as Inugami is a lycanthrope, or a werewolf. He is invincible when the moon is full, a total powerhouse of martial arts spectacle. But when the Yakuza seek to harness both his power and the spectral tiger’s curse, things start to really heat up. Can Inugami take out the mobsters and put an end to the tiger’s curse?

Entertainment Value: A movie with Sonny Chiba as a werewolf crime fighter, that also involves the Yakuza and a supernatural tiger? Uh, yes please. Wolf Guy promises a wild ride and it delivers, with outlandish moments and just over the top craziness. The story starts out simple enough, with people being murdered by an invisible tiger and a werewolf looking into the case, but, wait what? As off the rails as that sounds, that is just the start of this movie and trust me, it gets even wilder. Sonny Chiba is at the epicenter of this madness, being his usual bad ass self. He kicks ass, tracks down important leads, and bangs chicks, even offering his services to a syphilitic girl to earn her trust. I should also mentioned that while he is a werewolf, Chiba never transforms, he just gains power during the full moon. While the lack of transformation might seem weak in some films, it is never missed here in the least. Wolf Guy piles up the bloodshed, violence, fights, sex, nudity, and outrageous story elements, all while Sonny Chiba swaggers on screen and presses his face into tits that remind him of his mother. For anyone interested in the offbeat cinema realm, this is a must see movie.

This movie has numerous topless scenes, including the one I mentioned above, where a woman’s breasts mind our hero of his mother. So he smashes his face into the tits and fondly remembers the old days. So lots of tits and not all brief glimpses either, so the jugs are on showcase. Also a couple bare ass scenes, to round out the naked flesh. The sex scenes aren’t graphic, but often include humorous dialogue. Like a woman telling Chiba she likes his animal stink. Men are torn to shreds by a spectral tiger, so yeah, there’s some blood here. The phantom slashes look cool and produce some good red stuff, as do numerous gun shot wounds. Some bizarre scenes too, like Chiba regenerating his much mutilated body and a scene where it literally rains blood. But the highlight has to be a scene where a girl’s wound spouts a geyser of blood reminiscent of the Lone Wolf and Cub franchise. The dialogue is interesting and never dull, but doesn’t often leap off the screen. Chiba’s cool presence makes all of his lines stand out, while some other small dialogue exchanges are memorable too. As for craziness, you have to be able to tell how off its rocker this movie is by now. This is a wild, wild movie that starts off insane and rarely lets off the gas pedal.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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