Plot: Courtney (Crystal Bernard) her sister Valerie survived the horrific events of a drill wielding madman, but Valerie wound up in mental institution. While Courtney has gone on to live a normal life, she is starting to wonder if her traumatic past is starting to come back to haunt her. She is plagued by nightmares of another killer with a drill, with blood soaked deaths and maniacal taunts galore. But she tries to put it out of her mind, since she has a big weekend with her all girl rock band just ahead. Her friends plan to make her birthday weekend a real splash, with fun in the sun, rocking tunes, and dancing while drinking wine and eating cheese from an aerosol can. While the fun is rolling on, Courtney continues to have the awful nightmares, but she also experiences some waking hallucinations. While her friends chalk it to up to stress, she is concerned that her mind is breaking down. Is she just going through some rough times because of her past, or is there a new madman on the loose?

Entertainment Value: This review covers the 85 minute version of the movie, which runs about nine minutes longer than the original. Most of the added scenes are non critical, but some new dialogue and minor character development are there, so I think it is worth a look. The story here picks up after the original, as follow the sister of Valerie from the first movie, watching her deal with nightmares, hallucinations, and pillow fights with her friends. The performances are enthusiastic but terrible, which just adds to the fun. The girls are perky, bubbly 80s chicks that make good drill kill fodder, giving us all we could ask from a slumber party soiree. The killer is outlandish, a leather clad rockabilly type with a gimmicky guitar drill, who dances around and quotes songs while he slaughters the teens. I’m always baffled by the murderer when I watch this, but I’d rather have a mystifying killer like this than a forgettable villain. The killer helps the movie stand out from the mass of slasher cinema, if nothing else. While this one doesn’t do much outside of the slasher conventions, it is a fun movie and has some off the rails moments. If you’re into 80s horror or slasher movies, you gotta have the Slumber Party Massacre flicks in your collection.

A lot of girls in bikinis and short shorts, but only one shows us the money. Just one topless scene here, which is a shame. But we get some awkward erotic dance scenes and the sweet sounds of love, so that’s something. The movie gives us some nice bloodshed though, with the drill put to good use. The downside of the drill is that the kill scenes are all kind of similar. Either a slash to open up a wound or driving the drill through, so the variety isn’t great. Unless you count the nightmare sequences, there’s not much violence until the finale. But the blood flows well, with some splashy kills here and there. One scene has an awesome impalement where the drill goes right through his exposed torso, great stuff. And you have to mention the acne from hell scene, where our heroine is soaked with zit juice. The dialogue features ample 80s chick talk and one surfer dude type guy, so if you’re a fan of the decade, you’ll love the exchanges. The killer offers up some rock related one liners as well. On the crazy scale, this one has more wacky moments than you might expect. We have a horrible all girl rock band, the rockabilly murderer, strange hallucinations met with mockery from terrible friends, and who could forget Courtney’s battle against a dead chicken?

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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