Plot: Tyrone (Marc Panday) was about to marry the love of his life, but instead found himself locked up for her murder. This is because a trio of drugged up street trash decided to play with tarot cards and took it seriously, using it as motivation to unleash some violence. Tyrone and his girlfriend were in a park when they crossed paths with the druggies, who chose the couple as their victims. The three attacked Tyrone and beat him badly, then turned their attention toward his woman. A brutal gang rape followed and once all three had satisfied their needs, a knife was plunged into her chest and she was killed. As Tyrone was the lone person at the scene, he was charged with the crimes and put behind bars. But he has managed to escape the prison and is determined to settle the score, whatever the consequences. Will he able to track down the three animals that killed his love and if so, can he avenge her death?

Entertainment Value: This is odd tale of revenge that is certainly rough around the edges, but offers some solid entertainment. The story is a familiar one, as a man seeks to punish the men who raped and killed his wife. He is jailed for the crimes himself, but that part of the narrative is quickly pushed out and The Obsessed One focuses in on the vengeance element. Our hero dons a terrible wig and sunglasses to fool the authorities and the crooks he chases, which yields some laughs. The cast is not good, but they’re energetic and that helps a lot. A lot of the readings are broken English, so perhaps it is a language barrier issue, I’m not sure. In any event, I think the performances and strange dialogue only make this a more entertaining experience. It does slow down at times, but picks up about halfway in and keeps a good pace from there. The real reason to see this movie has to be the fight scenes though. Just the slowest, most ineffective punches and karate chops around, hilarious stuff. So The Obsessed One is slow at times and doesn’t really cut loose with the insanity like I hoped, but the performances, dialogue, and ridiculous action scenes compensate. If you’re at all interested, it is well worth giving wacky movie this a chance.

A few topless scenes, including a great bathtub scene. As he smokes a cigar and bathes with his girl, one of the bad guys also conducts business over the telephone, while taking a bath. A small scene, but a very funny one and it just adds to the film’s weird vibe, which is always good. Another humorous scene is where a couple is barged in on and the guy has a heavy breathed conversation while a girl ride him like a bronco. If you need to get information across, this ain’t a bad approach at all. Some blood, but it is very fake and looks like stage blood. Even so, blood is blood. The fight scenes have a little red stuff, but the real bloodshed comes from stabbings and yes, castrations. Again, its non graphic and bright red blood, but still. The dialogue is stilted and broken English, which I think adds to the fun. It causes some scenes to be awkward when they should be straight forward and that is a great thing. Not many big money lines, but just consistently strange and humorous dialogue. You have to give some crazy points for the overly serious, but silly performances, off kilter dialogue, and miserable but awesome fight scenes. We also have a goofy car chase, a foot chase that is a blast to watch, and a random encounter between our hero and a pimp named Sugar Cane. So yeah, The Obsessed One packs some wacky shit in there.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10