Plot: Derwin (William Hellfire) and Derick (Joey Smack) are outsiders at school and don’t have much of a social life at home either. The two spend most of their time with each other, looking up how to make bombs or other dark topics. While they do get along with the goth kids at school, everyone else seems to hate them and this means constant verbal abuse. The popular students make fun of Derwin and Derick all the time, unaware of the hatred and violence lurking inside their souls. Once school ends, the friends go back to thinking about explosions, guns, and causing chaos. When Derwin is attacked and brutally beaten by the cool kids, he is badly injured and pushed over the brink. Now with a line drawn in the sand, Derwin and Derick decide to take their inner violence and bring it to the surface. But can they really go through with such a violent, blood soaked path of vengeance?

Entertainment Value: This was highly controversial back in the day, the first movie to deal with school shootings in the wake of Columbine. A lot of press followed and the filmmakers had to deal with the police after the movie was released, so Duck! built a reputation quickly. The movie touches on some controversial topics, but does so in an outlandish, over the top way that is hilarious to watch. Well, if you have a dark or twisted sense of humor, that is. Duck! takes aim on the media and how these kind of incidents are perceived, in a pretty ruthless fashion. The story is a simple one, as the school is filled with hateful students who hate each other, hate their parents, and hate life in general. The performances are typical Factory 2000, which means fun and fearless, even if on the amateurish side. Misty Mundae makes an appearance as a religious zealot that steals the show, while Kendall Ward is insanely hilarious as Afro American, easily the two best roles in this one. Duck! is a wild movie that deals with a sensitive issue, but it is also a lot of fun and like the opening remarks say, better they made this first than wait for some made for television special.

The nakedness comes in the form of two topless girls wearing gas masks, brandishing various firearms. The scene is a short one, but it is memorable and weird, just like you’d want. As for blood, Duck! delivers on that and then some. Most of the violence comes toward the end, but there is some before the finale. Derwin is beaten badly and while it doesn’t have that visceral feel, it is still effective. But once the shooting starts, we get some of the juiciest gun wounds around, including one that looks like a gallon of blood jettisons from a gun shot victim. Lots of splashy wounds and one scene that takes special care to give us a nice look at the brains of a victim. The shooting is fast and only one part of the movie, but it packs a lot of chaos in. The dialogue here is outrageous, bonkers, and just ridiculous, not to mention hilarious. Everyone is so mean spirited and delusional, just a parade of hateful, over the top exchanges. The hostility is so in the open too, which just adds to the merriment. I’m sure some will find the lines here offensive or overly cruel, but I think given the film’s tone, they’re perfect. This is a wild one, taking on a sacred cow and pulling no punches, with outlandish humor, characters, and dialogue in heavy doses. For sheer audacity and boldness, you have to score some crazy points, but the dialogue takes things up that extra notch.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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