Plot: Jamie (Monica Gayle) is desperate to leave her life behind and get a fresh start, hoping to become a country music star in Nashville. She might only be sixteen, but she has big dreams and soon enough, she takes the first steps. After being raped by a local boy and whipped by her father, Jamie collects what little cash she has and her guitar, hitting the road to stardom. She is able to hitchhike to Nashville, but that is just the start of her journey into the music business. She is soon tricked, taken advantage of, and even put behind bars, but she perseveres. Her music is a hit with anyone who hears her sing it, but no one is willing to take a chance on an unknown. But she pushes onward, going through every possible avenue to progress her career. Dead end after dead end follows, but as always, she refuses to give up. Can she endure and make her music more than a passion, or will she just be used up and turned away by Nashville, like so many other promising girls?

Entertainment Value: Who doesn’t love a sordid journey inside the dark side of the country music industry, complete with rainbow pants? Nashville Girl is by no means one those feel good tales where a talented girl defies the system and makes good, but it does weave a solid narrative. The real plot is how much can Jamie endure to pursue her dream, which means the movie has some dark moments, but to her credit, she refuses to let it all break her down. Monica Gayle has the lead and she is quite good, showing a blend of wide eyed innocence and inherent toughness. The cast also has a number of colorful country folk, from sleazy agents to sleazy prison guards to sleazy musicians to…, well you get the idea. Not many admirable characters in this one, but some of them are interesting and colorful, at least. Glenn Corbett is memorable as a wild country crooner and his over the top presence adds a lot here. If you like country fried exploitation or just love watching rednecks get wild, give Nashville Girl a look.

Monica Gayle strips down early and often, showing off all of her assets, including full frontal. A highlight is our poor Jamie in a juvenile detention center’s shower, being accosted by a predatory lesbian guard. A few other ladies get naked as well, so we have a good amount of breasts, bush, and bare ass on showcase. And of course, we have some man ass here and there. No blood, but there are a number of violent scenes. This includes multiple rapes, forceful sexual gestures, and physical abuse against women. These are not pleasant scenes, but they are part of the narrative and Jamie’s arc, not just shoehorned in. Some great dialogue here too, from sleaze to Jamie talking sass to the men who try to control her. Glenn Corbett has some memorable lines as Geb as well, but the titular Nashville Girls gets most of the best stuff, as it should be. This is rougher than some might expect, with a lot of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, so it deserves some crazy points there. But at heart this is a rags to riches tale about country music, just with an emphasis on the dark side.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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