Plot: Elizabeth (Ashley McKinney) is hosting a party for all of her friends, inside a castle that is both eerie and beautiful. Her friends know she has a flair for the dramatic and loves spooky things, so they’re somewhat hesitant. After, the castle is covered in dust, cobwebs, and candles, so the atmosphere has a creepy vibe. Not to mention rumors of the place being haunted, so between that and Elizabeth’s penchant to scare her friends, no one is sure what to expect. She soon lets everyone know it is a special night for her and her family, as her ancestor Lillith was burned at the stake on this date hundreds of years in the past. After revealing her reason for the party, she holds a ritual of sorts and tells Lillith’s story, which is a dark tale. As it turns out, her friends are descendants of those who tormented Lillith and thanks to the ritual, she is back and looking to settle the score. As Lillith’s evil permeates the entire castle, can anyone escape or will she finally have her vengeance?

Entertainment Value: A kind of b movie take on Night of the Demons, Witchouse is better than you might think. The movie starts off slowly, but builds well and ends up as a solid watch. The story is one we’ve seen before, but its fine and while the cast isn’t that great, the performances are fun to watch. Ashley McKinney plays her role to the hilt, chewing some scenes and is just a lot of fun. The movie puts most of the cast into stereotypes, so we have the rocker chick, the stoner, the jock, the nerdy girl, the nerdy guy, the hornballs, etc. The rocker chick brings some good entertainment, as she is fairly stilted with her lines and I love that. I think what helps Witchouse a lot is the setting, as the location has great atmosphere and is very well staged. The attention to detail in that regard is impressive and the castle adds a lot to the experience. The movie seems aimed at young adults, as it isn’t intense or graphic, but that isn’t a hindrance. I had fun seeing Witchouse again and while it isn’t a mind blowing picture, it is decent and worth a look for those interested.

No nakedness. There are some sex scenes, but they’re not shown and even the shower scene just teases. Not much blood either, as I said this movie isn’t graphic or over the top, so the bloodshed is minimal. A few slashes and stabs, but really just a little blood and it never gushes. The makeup work is good, with Ariauna Albright well hidden as Lillith and the horny couple looking demonic enough. The dialogue yields some good moments, either from Elizabeth’s supernatural mumbo jumbo or the wacky deliveries from some of the others. The rocker chick has a number of humorous lines, as does the stoner, who provides some comic relief. Not like insanely quotable stuff, but fun exchanges and that adds to the good times. Not much craziness to speak of, this one follows the “summon an evil spirit” routine and doesn’t veer off course much. I wouldn’t have minded some off the wall nonsense, but there’s not really any here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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