Plot: Jake Raye (Don Wilson) has traveled to Manila under tragic circumstances, as his brother has been killed. Just days before, he was the favorite in a fighting tournament but now, he is out of action permanently. As he asks around, Jake learns that his brother was murdered, but can’t seem to find any concrete answers. When he meets Kwong (Joe Mari Avellana), he learns that his brother’s killer was involved in the tournament and to uncover the truth, he will need to enter. He resists, as he has not fought in a long while, but he is determined to expose his brother’s killer. Kwong starts to train Jake in the art of kickboxing, with some extra help from Jake’s roommate Baby (Michael Shaner) and his sister Nancy (Riley Bowman). As time passes, his skills increase and he gets closer to the truth, but he also starts to fall for Nancy. With the tournament just ahead, can he overcome the odds and if so, will he learn the truth about his brother’s dead and be able to find some peace?

Entertainment Value: A b movie take on Bloodsport, Bloodfist was a popular rental release that spawned seven sequels. The story is a familiar one, as a man is forced to enter a fighting tournament to find out the truth about his brother’s killer, but it does what it needs to do. The movie hits all the expected notes, with training scenes, a side romance, and a collection of colorful fighters in the tournament. Not ground breaking stuff, but it all works and the movie is fun to watch. Don “The Dragon” Wilson heads up the cast and is more than capable, especially since Bloodfist puts emphasis on the action over exposition. Michael Shaner and Riley Bowman play siblings who both seem to have head injuries of some kind, while Joe Mari Avellana is quite entertaining as Jake’s sensei for the tournament. The action scenes aren’t overly complex, but they’re frequent and always fun to watch. A lot of one on one fights, both inside the tournament and in the streets. The 80s vibe is strong and the dialogue can be hilarious at times, so there’s a lot of entertainment here. If you like martial arts movies or b action movies in general, give Bloodfist a look.

A couple of brief topless scenes, but we do get to see Riley Bowman’s impressive rack, which is great news. There’s also a sex scene where Baby walks in on Jake nailing his sister and he congratulates Jake, stopping just short of a high five. As far as blood, the fights yield some minor blood like face damage and spitting out red stuff, but there’s not much bloodshed here. One scene features a corpse that has been mutilated badly, but we don’t see the violence behind the carnage. I think a lot of the dialogue here is fun, as the actors have good chemistry and the writing is sometimes quite odd. Baby and his sister both come off as either mentally challenged or just dumb as rocks, which gives us some memorable moments. Kwong has a number of ridiculous lines as well, towing the line between martial arts mysticism and dad joke style one liners. Not much that’s crazy here, this is a pretty straight forward action movie that gives viewers just what they expect, opting not to reinvent the wheel.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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