Plot: On the cold surface of a frozen lake, a killer plans to deposit his latest victim into the icy depths. But she is still alive and even as her killer prepares her watery grave, she refuses to just surrender. She does end up going into the water, but thanks to the killer being distracted, she has a handle on the situation. Able to grab some equipment while his back was turned, she is now in the water and able to breathe for now, but the water is cold and dangerous. As the lake is frozen, the only escape seems to be the hole she came through, but the killer is blocking that path. While time passes, she looks back on how she arrived at this horrific moment. But the killer knows she has to come up sooner or later, as the air tanks will run out. With her life on the line and time running out, can she figure out a plan to survive this ordeal?

Entertainment Value: The Dark Below has a great premise and good marketing, as it promises a woman trapped in the icy waters with no escape, while a serial killer stalks her from above. That is a concept that makes you want to see how it all happens, but sadly, that isn’t what The Dark Below is. A suspense thriller at heart, the movie gives us a few minutes at most of the underwater terror. The chase between a killer on the surface and his victim trapped under the ice never happens, its just one short scene surrounded by flashbacks and slow motion overkill. Aside from the slow motion, the movie is well shot and technically sound, but it just never reels you in or makes you care what happens on screen. The minimal dialogue approach is cool, but the story is so bland, it just doesn’t make sense. In the end, even at under eighty minutes, The Dark Below is slow and packed with filler. I couldn’t wait to see this based on the premise, but in this case, that premise is just false advertising.

No nakedness. Some blood, but not all that much. A few quick shots of violence, with minimal graphic detail. There is a cool scene with finger removal, which is the highlight of the bloodshed, for sure. As I said above, the movie has minimal dialogue and what little there is, ends up forgettable. If the entire movie had followed the a chase with the killer on the surface and his prey in the water, the lack of dialogue makes perfect sense. But when only a few minutes involves that and you try to tell a story outside of that scenario, it might help to have more exposition. It can’t be a time factor, as there is so much filler and slow motion involved. As far as craziness, this is a pretty bland, run of the mill thriller. The brief underwater scene had great potential and the lack of dialogue is interesting, but none of it pans out.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10