Plot: Trish (Michelle Michaels) is supposed to have the house all to herself, as her parents will be out town. Of course, this means she has to throw a party and she invites all of her friends from the girls’ basketball squad. She also invites Valerie (Robin Stille), a new girl at school, but because she feels like an outsider, Valerie declines the invite. Those feelings are valid, since Valerie overheard the girls talking behind her back, making her not want to attend. The party soon kicks off, with the girls ready to cut loose and get wild, which consists of talking and looking at a porno magazine. What the girls don’t know is that a maniac has escaped the mental institution and is killing everyone he crosses paths with. As he slowly murders his way closer to the slumber party, the girls get some visitors, as a couple jocks show up. As time passes and the killer closes in, will anyone survive his blood soaked wrath?

Entertainment Value: Envisioned as a feminist slasher movie, The Slumber Party Massacre would be tweaked into a pretty standard, by the book slasher, but that’s not terrible news. As awesome as a feminist slasher would have been, this one is still a fun watch and has some good moments of dark humor. The story is thin, but does what it needs to, setting the stage for a killer to go on the rampage and our girls to live it up until its too late. The performances are not award level, but they’re passable and no one seems disinterested, which is always good. I do wish the killer was a little crazier or more out of the norm, but he’s decent enough. As I said, this movie doesn’t break new ground or push boundaries, but it does what a slasher is supposed to. The kills are fun thanks to the drill being a fun weapon of choice, there’s some fun shower scenes, and the girls are ideal slasher movie fodder, so all the pieces are here. The little moments of humor help it stand out as well, with memorable scene like the girl inside the fridge and when one of the girls eats pizza off a corpse. So if you’re a fan of 80s horror or slasher movies in general, this is one of the staples.

The highlight of the naked parade is a shower scene with several girls in the buff, showing off their breasts and butts. No full frontal, which is a shame. But a lot of beautiful, wet and naked bodies, including genre legend Brinke Stevens. A few other topless scenes pop up as well, so a nice assortment of bare breasts in this one. As far as blood, the movie has a good amount of the red stuff too. The drill is a fun tool of death, giving us slashes, impalements, and yes, even a duel between the drill and a fireplace poker. The effects aren’t overly graphic, but we get some nice gore and big splashes of blood, so fun stuff. The kills happen at a nice pace and expected, ramp up as the finale closes in. I really like the dialogue in this one, as there are some great lines and nice exchanges. The killer has some hokey, but fun one liners and the girls are a nice supply of bitchy, catty, and oversexed dialogue. Not a flood of memorable lines, but a lot of fun dialogue here. The sense of humor and dialogue earn a point, but honestly, this is a pretty by the numbers slasher movie. That’s not a slight at all, as the movie is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t stray from convention often.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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