Plot: Miss Eva (LeeAnne Baker) was a witch involved in a Satanic ritual in the 1600s, using black magic to try to claim the soul of a woman about to be wed. Eva’s incantations seem to work, as the woman perishes, but Eva is impacted by the spell herself. Flash forward a couple hundred years to 1980s New York and Eva is back, obsessed with hunting down a ring that involved in the ritual from centuries past. She has a special gift to enter the minds of others, implanting thoughts and fears, using these tricks to get what she wants. A man’s horrific fear of losing his hearing is exploited by Eva when he refuses to reveal who he sold the ring to, but he breaks down and spills the information. This puts Eva on the track of Father Tony (Andrew Bausili), who helps local youth go from wayward to upwardly mobile. Now Eva has to navigate the street urchins, Father Tony, a local news reporter, and a detective hot on her trail, but can the power of the dark arts ensure she can complete her evil quest?

Entertainment Value: Who knows what the deal is with Necropolis? This 80s devil worship adventure is a weird one that makes little sense, but has some hilarious moments. The story follows a white-haired witch from the past into modern New York, as she tries to find a ring and mind fuck everyone she meets. She also loves to move through the power of dance, instead of just walking around. These scenes where she breaks into dance are fantastic, I only wish they were more frequent. The cast is flat, but it works as entertainment, since most of them seem so nonchalant about their lines. The exchanges between the detective and news reporter are a great example, as their back and forth is wooden, but impossible to not love. With performances that flatline this hard, you don’t need a narrative, trust me. I can’t make a case for Necropolis as a good movie, but it is so weird and stilted, it never fails to entertain. If you’re a fan of b movies, 80s video store fodder, or bad ass witches, this is worth a look.

If you thought the triple breasts in Total Recall were epic, Miss Eva breastfeeds her dark minions with six boobs. Six boobs! As if just witnessing a sextuple breast isn’t enough, we also get to see the lactation. So one set of real breasts, but hey, prosthetic are fun too, right? Not a lot of blood, but we do see a little red stuff from time to time. The violence is non graphic, as this plays more like a thriller than a horror movie. Other effects include the already mentioned six breast feast and some demon makeup, all of which looks more than solid. This one has a wealth of hilarious dialogue, thanks to some wacky turns from the cast. We have a deadpan detective that has like no reaction to anything, a news reporter who seems barely awake, and a priest who overreacts, but in the quietest ways possible. Plus street whores chat it up with that awesome street lingo and of course, Eva has her mind fuckery and sharp comments. As far as insanity, the performances are out there and the story makes little to no sense, but the movie never floors the speed into total madness. It has some great moments though and man, I love these performances, so it earns some points.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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