Plot: Megumi is about to embark on a road trip with some friends, but she is haunted by memories of her dead sister. Her sister was bullied and while Megumi wanted to help her, it just put her in the path of abuse as well. So her sister took one for the team, let a huge fart, then killed herself over the embarrassment of public flatulence. Now Megumi is determined to never release gas in front of others, but for now, she has the road trip to focus on. One of her friends discovers a parasitic worm inside a fish, which seems like a way to get skinny fast, at least according to Maki. She devours the worm, but soon learns that was a mistake, as her stomach is in knots. She makes it an outhouse, then unleashes a torrent of liquid shit like the world has never witnessed. Her feces stirs in the depths of the outhouse however, as the shit births a horde of excrement covered zombies, who start stalking the group of friends. They take refuge in the home of Dr. Tanaka, unaware it is he who has cursed the world with these parasites. Can anyone survive this insane madness and can Megumi feel safe enough to cut the cheese?

Entertainment Value: A thoughtful exploration of a sensitive subject, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead looks at the social ramifications of girls who rip ass. This is a wild one, with a wealth of liquid shit, vomit, and blood, spraying from various orifices. The story is out there, following a girl who is afraid to fart and finds herself locked in a struggle for survival against parasites that force you to have explosive diarrhea and sometimes geysers of anal blood. The tone is of course way over the top and slapstick, looking for gross out moments and shock value. That most of the characters experiencing this inhumane digestive distress are hot girls only adds to the hilarity, since they’re all so mortified to reveal their bodily functions. The performances are fun, as everyone seems to embrace the outlandishness and go for broke. I love that the pace is so brisk too, so there’s little down time between set pieces. I’m sure a movie all about shit is going to alienate some viewers, but the over the top comedic approach makes it hard to not laugh. So if you can handle the gallons of bodily fluids, this is a crazy, fun ride through an odd take on zombies.

One and a half topless scenes, with some nice perky breasts on showcase. There is also a lot of bare ass, but keep in mind these scenes normally involve defecation, which might spoil the eroticism for some. There’s a definite hentai vibe at work as well, between the numerous panty shots and the tentacle like worms that penetrate the girls. A positive for some, negative for others I’m sure, but that’s what we have here. On the blood side, we have a mixture of CGI and practical effects. This includes scenes like explosive blood spraying out of a guy’s asshole, girls’ assholes opening up and parasitic worms burrowing out, a girl smashing a zombie’s head with her ass, eyeballs popping out, an asshole grinding up a broom handle like a wood chipper, and buckets of bodily fluids splashing around. Some of the CGI looks bad, but there’s a good amount of practical effects and overall, the effects are a lot of fun to watch in action. The shit zombies are hilarious and a perfect fit for the movie, as well.

The dialogue is silly, but humorous and mostly well written. The topic of passing wind is treated like one of life’s greatest social struggles, which makes sense within the movie’s oddball universe. The overly serious moments are some of the best, as it is so absurd and hilarious to watch unfold. Then we have the outrageous, over the top slapstick side of the writing, which is also mostly effective. The lines have trouble standing out with all the wild visuals and ass worms, but there’s some really funny exchanges here and memorable one liners. As if all of the above wasn’t a good indicator, Zombie Ass is quite the wacky experience. All the shit, vomit, blood, slapstick humor, and outlandish situations combine to take us a crazy ride. Not hall of fame level insanity, but this one is way out there, for sure.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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