Plot: Gingerdead Man just wants to relax on the beach, sip some cool drinks, and nail some hot broads. But his mind isn’t in a good place, as all he can think about is revenge on Sarah (Robyn Sydney), the girl responsible for his cookie transformation. In order to be able to let loose, he needs to settle the score. Sarah has opened a new bakery and that is the perfect chance for Gingerdead Man to take care of her, once and for all. At the same, just down the street from Sarah’s bakery is Dick’s Head Shop, where Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) is trying to make his weed business work. He keeps Eebee locked up safe and sound, to make sure she doesn’t once again try to take over the world. Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) soon pops in to peddle his Evil Bong merchandise, but winds up freeing Eebee when Larnell takes a break to visit Sarah’s bakery. With both Gingerdead Man and Eebee out and causing mayhem, will anyone survive this two front assault and who will win this clash of the titans?

Entertainment Value: I want to take a minute and talk about what a lot of other reviews claim about this movie. There are flashback scenes, but they’re infrequent and don’t take up much of the film’s duration. The bulk of the movie is new material and the story is fresh, the flashbacks just give some quick context. This is some fun fan service for both franchises, with familiar faces and call backs. I was stoked to see Luann and Sarah meet and interact, for sure. Robyn Sydney gives us both the terrible country accent and the wild gyrations, just great stuff. Some of the regulars don’t return, but it is explained and we still have Rabbit, which is what matters. Plenty of returning talent otherwise, including the much beloved Poontang tribe and of course, King Bong.  The emphasis is on humor for sure, so don’t expect much horror, as Gingerdead slays with one liners not knives this time around. Seeing these franchises collide might not be a cinematic epic, but for fans of each series, this proves to be a lot of fun.

A quartet of lovely breasts can be seen here, including the monumental talents of Mindy Robinson. The same girls at the start return as the Poontang tribe later in the film, but its still awesome jugs, so I doubt anyone will mind. We also have a quick love scene at the bakery, where some perky tits are freed by an obviously too tight bra. Luann sprays her crotch with perfume and what not, but keeps her clothes on. No blood in this one. A lot of one liners and weed jokes, just like you’d expect. Bob Ramos is impressive with the Busey impression, without question. Then we have Eebee, King Bong, Rabbit, and Luann, so you know the lines are outlandish and fun. How crazy is this one? I’d say it fits in well with both franchises, but ups the ante a little with the wacky shit. Gingerdead faces a counsel of his confectionery peers, a little person big boys everyone in sight, and there’s a literal wall of tits. A wall..of tits. So not too far out of the realm of the series, but a nice amount of odd moments.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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