Plot: Mimei (Junko Asahina) will soon be a blushing bride, thanks to an arranged marriage. She likes her husband-to-be, but she wants to live a little before she takes her vows and to her, that means a lot of sex. The plan involves sleeping with one hundred men, but the sex isn’t the only purpose of her wild romps. Mimei likes to make penis prints, covering the penises in ink and making an impression, so she can have a visual record of her conquests. She is well on her way to completing her collection, but she still needs a few more additions. Meanwhile, her roommates deal with their sexual issues, one tries to overcome a violent sexual encounter, while the other struggles with trying to figure out her sexuality. While Mimei is out collecting penis prints, sometimes her friends engage in some lesbian love to sate their needs. As Mimei closes in on her final penis print, she engages a man who keeps her at arm’s length and while he sleeps with her, he is coy about a penis print. What will it take for Mimei to finish her impressive collection and is she up to the task?

Entertainment Value: The tale of a woman who wants to document one hundred cocks before she settles down, I Love It From Behind packs a lot of kink, weirdness, and cute girls into its short duration. The movie plays like an erotic comedy, but deals in some rough trade sometimes. Several scenes involve questionable consent and even outright rape, including a scene where Mimei helps her friend get past her own rape by settling the score with her rapist. The girls serve the rapist a Cosby-tini, shave his genitals, rape him with a dildo, then throw him into a dumpster. None of the rape scenes or rough sex are given much serious consideration, as the film’s tone is so light and moves to other scenes quickly. While inconsistent at times, this film has some clear feminist elements and a sexual empowerment vibe, which helps it stand out. I think the charm of Junko Asahina powers the movie, but the odd moments and general positive vibe also helps out. An often politically incorrect, always brisk experience, this is like an erotic, romantic comedy gone off the rails. If you’re a fan of roman porno cinema or just appreciate weird erotica, this one is worth a look.

A lot of nakedness here, but as per the era, the crotches are a no-no, so they’re blurred or pixelated here. This is infrequent thanks to creative camera angles and not an issue, since it is just how things were done. A wealth of topless scenes and bare asses, as well as sex scenes of numerous varieties. A good amount of male flesh as well, but just asses no dongs on showcase. No blood. But there are some rape scenes, of both male and female characters, as well as some rough sex. The dialogue is mostly floaty and silly, with a few memorable lines here and there. The tone is so cheery, even in darker moments, which makes the dialogue even more outlandish. But the craziness is here in spades, with such wonders as a guy with a dildo fetish, a 55 hour sex marathon that includes a spaghetti dinner, and a girl who fists herself with a disembodied hand. But rest assured, that’s not all. We also have a girl who tries to overcome being raped by raping men with a dildo, hoping to turn them homosexual. She does this several times and even rapes one of her close male friends. She also shaves their junk and in some cases, throws them in the trash after, like literally throws her rape victims in the trash. Plus penis strengthening exercises, prostate massage, and so much more. This is a wild one.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10