Plot: Maria (Marina Hedman) is dead, but perhaps she now has the peace her chaotic life never provided. Her husband Antonio (Aldo Sanbrell) doesn’t seem that upset about her death, but her daughter Miria (Jacqueline Dupre) is hit hard by the loss. Also still around the castle are Sol (Mariangela Giordano), a nun in training and her ward, Antonio’s invalid brother. While Maria is indeed deceased, one of the castle’s more religious guests senses an evil presence and seeks to drive it out. But when he tries to perform a ritual to send it away, Maria’s spirits makes itself known. She plans to possess her beautiful young daughter, get vengeance for her death, and indulge in some lesbian love sessions. Her reign of terror soon begins and unleashes chaos upon those left behind, in a whirlwind of sex and violence. But why has Maria’s spirit refused to pass to the other side and can her daughter ever escape this horrific possession?

Entertainment Value: Doomed to be forever compared to Malabimba: The Malicious Whore, Satan’s Baby Doll has an impossible task to measure up to the original. This is a remake of sorts, so its hard to say the comparison is unfair, but come on, Malabimba is not going to be topped without a miracle. On its own merits, this movie is solid in terms of sleaze and style, but seems quite restrained. The story is passable, but makes little sense until close to the end, when things start to weave together a little. The minimal narrative opens the door for insane levels of sleaze and craziness, but like I said, this feels very reined in. The sex scenes are tame, minimal kink, and the violence is in small doses. This wouldn’t be such an issue but the pace is slow at times, making you wish some crazy shit would happen. I still think Satan’s Baby Doll is a fun, weird movie for sure, but its not balls out madness like you might expect. Aside from the slow stretches, the movie works well and of course, the women are almost constantly naked. So if you can approach this without expecting it to live up to Malabimba, fans of Eurosleaze and nunsploitation should check this one out.

This one has ample nudity, with the main female characters naked for most of the movie’s duration. This means lots of breasts, bare ass, and bush on showcase, often in long, loving camera shots. The number of naked women is low, but the volume of flesh is impressive. The sex scenes are interesting, such as a brief, spinning lesbian scene and another segment where a woman lies naked on top of her lover’s naked corpse. Oh and a couple dicks sneak in too, one revealed by a flappy bathrobe and the either while it is being massaged and dried by a future nun. Fun times. The only blood comes from a wacky guy who flips out and bites a chicken to death. The dialogue has some bright spots, but is overly serious (as it should be) and while fun to watch, doesn’t come across as memorable or quotable. As to how crazy Satan’s Baby Doll, it certainly has the chops to earn some points. The film has the chicken attack, tricking the handicapped, a really odd take on the living dead, and lesbian love that persists through death. Other little moments of “what the fuck” pop in as well. The film also just has a weird, dreamy vibe to it, which adds some style but also makes things feel a little off, which is good.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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