Plot: After a band of animal rights activists storm a prison for baked goods, the Gingerdead Man manages to escape in the chaos. After he bites the nose off a woman’s face, of course. Once he is out, he winds up in a cutting edge laboratory that focuses on time traveling involving snack foods, opening a real way out for Gingerdead. He is able to send himself back in time, landing at a roller rink in 1976. This happens to the last night of the roller boogie, since the rink is shutting down. But that means one last Roller Boogie Queen, a crown that the rink owner’s niece Cherry (Paris Wagner) dreams of holding as her own. But she is shy, her aunt is a maniac, and besides, Gingerdead Man soon kicks off a killing spree, as per usual. Can Cherry overcome her awkwardness? Can her aunt forget the awful truth about Pearl Harbor? And will Gingerdead be stuck in the 70s or can he kill his way back to the future?

Entertainment Value: The killer cookie returns and this time, he is traveling through time and out for blood. The premise here is a fun one, sending Gingerdead Man back to the 70s and adding in almost constant roller skating. As per Full Moon’s usual approach, we have a lot of filler shots of people skating around, but there’s a lot to like with this sequel, I think. I appreciated all the movie references thrown around, with Carrie being played on quite often. Seeing a cream puff tell a Clarice Starling stand-in that he can smell her muffin was a nice touch. The cast has some real bright spots, with the rink owner being a dramatic train wreck that is always fun to watch. So the non cookie side of the story here works well, for what it is. The horror side is fine as well and has some nice moments, but the CGI bloodshed is a disappointment. The horror is toned down with more emphasis on humor, but Gingerdead Man is still out for blood. If you’re a Full Moon fan or just love this franchise, check it out.

No nakedness. But…we do get a cookie dick torn off and eaten, not to mention a threesome that involves a creepy janitor. So no nudity, but some interesting sex related moments. On the blood side, we have a good amount but as I mentioned before, a lot of it is low rent CGI. This takes a lot of fun out of those moments and as always, I can’t award full points for CGI blood. But the scene where Gingerdead glides down a woman’s face like a pirate on a sail, CGI or not, that was a fun moment. There’s other red stuff too, like a guy having his feet chopped, Gingerdead on a nail gun massacre, and of course, the blood dump like in Carrie. Too bad so much of it is CGI, though. A lot of silly dialogue and memorable lines, more than expected. Cherry’s aunt has a ton of over the top lines and even reveals the truth about Pearl Harbor. Gingerdead has his one liners, of course and while the writing might not be good, it is fun. This one has some odd plot tangents, including the finale which brings in Hitler to fight Gingerdead. Not an off the rails kind of movie, but some nice offbeat twists.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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