Plot: Victoria (Ellen Abrahamson) has lived a life of intense suffering, even from the time she was a child. What should have been a safe, loving home was instead a dark, violent place that offered little but abuse. She endured countless beatings and even rapes, but her mind remained unbroken. Her body might have been put through extreme duress, but she tries to find answers within herself, as to why these horrible things would happen and what it all meant. When she turned eighteen, Victoria left to explore the world, but found the same darkness she experienced at home. More abuse, more pain, more suffering, but she still searched for purpose and meaning, even in these violent, disgusting acts. When she ends prisoner to unknown people, Victoria is tortured in ways she never imagined possible. With new levels of pain and degradation, will her mind at last break or will she find the answers she desperately needs?

Entertainment Value: Madness of Many is a dark, blood soaked vision of the persistence of spirit through intense suffering. The narrative is nontraditional, but takes us through the journey of Victoria as she endures extreme situations and tries to piece together some kind of meaning or purpose. She narrates much of the movie, letting us inside her mind and helping us understand her perspective. This approach is invaluable and I think balances out the lack of a standard storyline. The movie seems much more about her internal machinations and with the well executed narration, we have that insight, but also have to do some work ourselves. Ellen Abrahamson is good in the primary role, which is good news since she drives the entire experience. She is put through a lot, but conveys that inner light through the various degrees of suffering, which is not a simple task. The visuals are dark, often obscuring a good portion of the screen, which makes the outdoor scenes really pop. This is not one for snowflakes or the easily offended, as it is a harrowing journey through the human psyche. But if you appreciate dark, intense cinema, give Madness of Many a chance.

A few topless scenes, including a wild scene where one girl crawls onto another, then vomits blood all over her. A quick glimpse or two of full frontal is here as well, but super fast shots. This one has a lot of blood, with a huge amount of vomiting the red stuff in numerous scenes. The girl throwing up blood onto another girl was a highlight, but puking crimson is a theme here, for sure. You also have a nasty looking torso slice scene, eyeball removal, and just a general coating of blood on most of the scenes. Combined with how dark and dirty the whole thing feels, its a pretty messed up vibe. The dialogue is dark and serious, the ponderings of a girl who knows only suffering. Some might find dark humor in the goth texture of her thoughts, but otherwise, not much as far as wild or quotable lines. This movie is basically one long collection of scenes of suffering with dark, often depressing narration, so its not your typical movie experience. It is slow in places, but the final half or so is a hell of a ride. This one is serious in tone however, so don’t expect camp or over the top style mayhem.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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