Plot: Lucy Furr (Mindy Robinson) has taken over the weed shop, but she isn’t worried about sales. Instead she wants to use this shop to lure in customers, then sacrifice them to Satan, earning her a place at his side. So she packs in some potent weed and waits for her unknowing victims to wander through the door. But things don’t go as planned, as Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) is one of her first visitors, checking in on his old place and of course, creeping like the pervert he is. But soon a couple girls wander in, flash their tits, and wind up sucked into the vagina portal to Hell. This blood sacrifice opens the portal both ways however and soon, both Eebee and Gingerdead Man travel back into the realm of the living. Meanwhile, Sarah/Luann (Robyn Sydney) tries to figure out who she is, with the help of a street vendor mystic. With the fate of the world and an orgy in Sexy Hell on the line, can anyone stop Gingerdead Man in time?

Entertainment Value: An all star parade of Full Moon properties awaits in Evil Bong 666, not to mentioned disembodied, winged breasts. The story here is par for the Evil Bong course and makes no sense, but do you really watch Full Moon movies for in depth narratives? The movie brings back numerous familiar faces, from actors like Sonny Carl Davis, Robyn Sydney, and Mindy Robinson to Full Moon creations Gingerdead Man, Eebee, and in a small cameo, Killjoy. The performances are a lot of fun, with Robinson as the evil, snarky girl, Davis as the creepy old guy, and Sydney back with more manic dance moves than ever before. The humor here is mostly sex related, with a heavy dose of weed jokes, of course. I do feel like some of the product placement was heavy handed and overdone, but other than that, this is what you’d expect from an Evil Bong movie. If you haven’t liked the franchise to this point, I doubt this installment will you over, but if you’re a fan, you’ll have fun with this one.

A handful of topless girls, from stoner chicks to devil girls to dead stoner chicks, so a nice variety. Plus Robyn Sydney wears a clown suit for the most of the movie, then strips down to a bikini top, so bonus there. No bloodshed, as this continues the Evil Bong trend of humor over horror. But we do get to see poor Gingerdead Man tortured again, not to mention the horror of Rabbit being shot by every woman he encounters. Poor Rabbit. As far as dialogue, there are some great lines in this one. Eebee and Gingerdead Man seem to get most of the best one liners, but Lucy Furr has some sharp ones as well. And it is always fun to see Sonny Carl Davis, who is entertaining as usual. As for craziness, Sexy Hell is home to a landscape of disembodied naked body parts, which seems like a serial killer’s wet dream. The goofy tone lessens any kind of chaos however, leaving us with a silly, but not all that wild experience. This one falls right in line with the more recent Evil Bong entries.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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