Plot: In this post apocalyptic wasteland, women are treated as slaves at best and ruled over by the men. This is in part because some of the women developed unusual powers after exposure to radiation from the Great War, but that is just one of the excuses given by the ruling class of men. While most of the women simply fall in line, serving the men as they’re ordered, not all have accepted that lifestyle. A group of warrior women have banded together, known as The Sisterhood. These women have those special powers from the radiation and put them to use, keeping themselves free and helping women in trouble. But these kind of actions have them constantly being hunted, as some of the powerful men don’t want to see free women, doing as they choose. This all leads to numerous clashes between The Sisterhood and various groups of men, usually connected to the brutish Mikal (Chuck Wagner). Will Mikal’s forces crush the resistance and push the women back into slavery, or can The Sisterhood finally free the world’s women, once and for all?

Entertainment Value: A post apocalyptic wasteland vision brought us to by Roger Corman and Cirio H. Santiago, The Sisterhood brings us super powered female warriors on the attack. The story gets the job done, as men have oppressed women as witches, thanks to powers granted by lingering radiation. But The Sisterhood wields those powers to free their sisters and ride cool horses, leading to an epic showdown with the evil patriarchy and that jazz. I think this movie has some great elements, like the focus on swords, axes, and bows, instead of constant gunfire. This also covers the costumes, which are a mixture of more traditional post apocalyptic looks and some medieval fantasy inspired outfits. I’d rather see sprawling battles with weapons like these than shoot outs, since they’re so common in this genre. The women warrior aspect kicks ass too, as seeing a scantily clad woman dominating the battlefield is quite cool, especially when she can shoot lasers from her eyes. The visuals look cool, the production design works some minor wonders, and The Sisterhood is just good fun. Not high art by any means, but fans of bad ass female warriors, wild b movies, and post apocalyptic cinema should give it a look.

A few topless scenes, including one where two of the sisters enjoy a bubble bath to soak away their wasteland woes. So mostly brief nakedness, but you do have some skimpy warrior outfits to marvel at throughout. Also not that much blood, but the movie delivers plenty of action. Some nice brawls unfold with weapons of all kinds and we even get to see one of women cause a rock slide with her laser vision. Another scene has a woman using her bow and arrow to cause a few massive explosions, one of which takes out a jeep and a small shelter. So light on the red stuff, but there’s some fun action scenes to ease that loss. There is some entertaining dialogue here, as the cast tends to be overly serious and try to give the lines ridiculous gravitas. The mystical conclusion also offers up some memorable lines. As for craziness, we have laser eyes, the blend of old & new tech, avian mind meld, the vault, and the “what the fuck” end sequence. Not as wild as it could have been, but The Sisterhood has some crazy moments for sure.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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