Plot: A mother walks in on her young son working a jigsaw puzzle, but she notices the artwork is of a naked woman. She freaks out, slaps the kid around, and tells him she is going to trash all of his possessions. The boy is sent to fetch a garbage bag, but he returns with an ax and chops his mother to…pieces. Flash forward a few decades and a college campus is being terrorized by a maniac killer, one who wields a chainsaw and uses it to dismember his victims. The authorities try to keep the campus calm and dispatch a few skilled agents to work the case. Lt. Bracken (Christopher George) is leading the hunt for the killer, while Mary (Lynda Day George) is a police officer working undercover as a tennis instructor. The clues are minimal and more bodies keep piling up, with gruesome crime scenes involved. There seem to be a few suspects, but there’s no real proof and the killer only seems to be ramping up his path of bloodshed. Who is behind the killings and will anyone survive this horrific ordeal?

Entertainment Value: A slasher fan’s wet dream, Pieces is a notorious movie that ditches common sense and focuses on gruesome set pieces. The narrative is passable, as a killer is on the loose and the authorities are on the hunt to stop the spree. But so much nonsense happens here, unexplained events and random moments, so the storytelling is a little on the bizarre side. But this is great news, as all of this craziness really adds to the entertainment value. Pieces might not make much sense, but it is a wild ride and is a total blast to watch. Christopher and Lynda Day George are here, which is always fun, but to me, Paul L. Smith often steals the show as groundskeeper Willard. His overblown facial expressions and desperate attempts to seem like the killer are hilarious, just one more strange element thrown in. The pace is good too, never slowing down too much and the odd plot tangents ensure when it does get a tad slow, you’ll still be too entertained to care. There’s a reason Pieces has remained a genre favorite and if you have even a casual interest in horror, this is a must own.

A few topless scenes, including one where the girls makes such dramatic pleasure sounds, her lover worries the neighbors will think she is fucking Chainsaw Charlie, which is hilarious. That same scene also offers full frontal on her male lover, letting us glimpse his manhood in the moonlight. We also have a shower scene that yields breasts, bare ass, and full frontal on one of the victims. She shows off her tits a second time also, but since she has been sliced in half at that point, its not quite the same. Oh, the blood though. A kid hacks his mother to death, an arm is chainsawed off, a girl is sliced in half, an epic waterbed slashing, and of course, a crotch destruction are all here, plus some other moments of bloodshed. Some of the effects are remarkable, such as the chainsaw through the midsection, while others are less than impressive, like the knife that bends in half. The dialogue has a number of terrific exchanges, but few can top the total balls out nonsense of the mysterious kung fu stranger. That scene is utter madness and the lines just make it even more bizarre. So Pieces is pretty wild and as I just mentioned, has a random scene where a martial artist appears without reason, attacks Linda Day George, has a ridiculous conversation, then is never seen again. Not to mention letting a college student inside a multiple murder investigation, even though he happens to be a suspect. The violence, the off the wall plot moments, the randomness of some scenes, and of course, Willard make Pieces quite an oddball experience.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 8/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 9/10

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