Plot: The residents have Taeter City have safe streets and ample food, as The Authority watches over them with all seeing eyes. As science has revealed that certain brain chemistry leads to violence and crime, a signal has been developed that turns those violent tendencies inward. So instead of someone killing their neighbor, they kill themselves. This has led to low crime rates and mostly safe streets, while the bodies are harvested and turned into food for the masses. Cannibalism is the lone method of food intake here, as animal meat is banned and punished by swift death. The system seems to have worked until now, but mutations from the signals have arisen and caused those with violent brains to become even more violent toward others. A squad of bikers is dispatched to handle the situation, but even they aren’t prepared for what awaits them this time. Has The Authority finally lost control over Taeter City, or will they find a way to eliminate and cover up these incidents?

Entertainment Value: This movie takes a handful of sci/fi stories and tosses them into a blender, with mixed results. I love to see am ambitious narrative, but Taeter City never explores the premise beyond the basics. The plot is there to allow the set pieces to unfold and little else, but that’s not always a bad thing. Those set pieces are inventive if nothing else, with splatter effects that blend practical and CGI work, as well as some bold, but cheap action scenes. The gore is capable, but the rest of the effects come off as shaky but stylish at times. If you need polish in your visual effects, you’ll be let down, but you have to admire the ambition here. I liked the production design, as they repurposed a lot of items into quasi-futuristic props, which is cool. Not all of these efforts yield effective end results, but that indie spirit is strong and I love that. I liked a lot about this movie, but there were also frequent elements that just didn’t work. But I appreciate the kinetic visuals, blood effects, and spirit involved, I just wish more time was taken to present a more coherent narrative. If you like wild visuals or splatter effects, then you should take a chance on Taeter City.

On the blood side, we have a wealth of crimson that flows like wine. At the same time, some of the effects are low end CGI and some of the practical effects are “enhanced” with CGI, which disappointed me. As you readers know, I don’t award full points for CGI blood, so the score reflects that. Even so, there is some fun stuff here and that includes some pretty fun chainsaw scenes. A puncture in a guy’s stomach leads to a few gross moments, as he digs into it and then cauterizes the wound. A lot of instances of splatter, spurts, and gushes, so blood seekers should be more than satisfied. I didn’t pick up on too much memorable dialogue in this one. I wasn’t a fan of the heavy handed fast food parody ads and the television host, which seemed to be where the focus on writing lines was placed. The fast moving visuals and abundant splatter give this a crazy tone, but it could have been so much nuttier. The world within the film seems so ripe to be explored and I am sure even crazier shit goes on, but the focus seems to have been on visuals over fleshing out the world.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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