Plot: Ok. Paula (Paula Davis) has been murdered. The prime suspect is Paula (Carmen Montes). Both women were exotic dancers and the two were lovers, despite some repeated conflict between the two women. I know this seems like a thin synopsis, but trust me, that’s all the narrative we have here. Paula is dead, Paula is a suspect, then an hour of weird visuals, naked flesh, and jazz music. To be fair, the movie is presented as an “audiovisual experience” and this is Jess Franco, so yeah. I have no issue with the lack of plot, but I can imagine some might. In any case, poor Paula has been killed and we demand justice! Or at least boobs.

Entertainment Value: This is indeed more of an “audiovisual experience” than a typical movie, but its still all Jess Franco. Just over an hour of trippy visuals, naked dancing girls, and snappy jazz music is what’s on the menu. Whether or not Paula-Paula is a good movie, that is a question no one can answer, but it is bizarre and has an experimental feel, even by Franco standards. As I said above, there is a minor narrative in play, but it isn’t the focus and rarely interjects into the experience. The cast is only a few people and the performances are fine, given the limited requirements. Carmen Montes is weird and fantastic in the main role, staring into the camera and shaking her vagina. Lina Romay also has a small role and sadly, it would be her final screen appearance. I am glad she was able to be part of Paula-Paula despite the small part, as she was a true legend and is always fun to watch. In the end, this movie is likely to confuse and baffle even devoted Franco fans, but to me, that’s part of the charm. If you like shaved pussy and jazz music, this might be your Citizen Kane.

Just about every scene in this one has naked flesh. The final third or so of the movie is a slow motion lesbian make out session, for example. Only two women, but they’re naked throughout and show it all off. Topless dancing, topless staring into the camera, and of course, topless exercise. The full frontal is frequent as well and since both women are shaved, that yields a little more graphic than normal exposure. So lots of nakedness and slow motion lesbian action, so bless Jess Franco. There’s one minor instance of blood, but its quick and non graphic. But a naked woman holding a knife to another naked woman’s throat does make for a striking visual. Not much dialogue in this one and by turn, not many memorable lines. A movie with minimal plot, twenty minutes of slow motion lesbian sex, and trippy visuals? Yeah, Paula-Paula is pretty out there and gives off just a strange vibe. Not most outrageous Jess Franco movie, but it is a weird one and offers a unique, creative experience.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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