Plot: Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey) was a maniac and murderer, but now he is dead. He was executed for his crimes, including killing the father and brother of Sarah Leigh (Robyn Sydney) during an armed robbery. Now Sarah works at the family bakery, but big business is on the verge of putting her small, family run store out of business. Local kingpin Jimmy (Larry Cedar) offers to buy her out, but the price offered isn’t much and she wants to keep the bakery open. When she turns down the latest offer, Sarah finds Jimmy’s daughter Lorna (Alexia Aleman) has snuck into the bakery. She planned to plant a rat inside, getting Sarah shut down for health code violations. Earlier, bakery worker Brick managed to cut himself and bleed into the new shipment of gingerbread seasoning, but no one saw it, so the mix was put into the latest batch of cookies. But when it becomes clear the new seasoning isn’t just seasoning, what chaos will follow?

Entertainment Value: Only Full Moon would bring us a horror franchise based on a killer cookie, right? The premise here is pretty awesome, with Gary Busey as a serial killer who finds himself reanimated as a gingerbread man. And the movie delivers to an extent, but fails to get the most out of the concept. A lot of screen time is devoted to the mundane trials and tribulations of our normal characters, from the woes of small business ownership to the challenges of keeping a man. But in a movie about a murderous cookie, we want to see as much of that cookie as possible, doing as much crazy shit as possible. When the gingerbread is on the hunt, the movie is passable and some fun moments. But when the focus shifts to the humans, it loses steam and the fun grinds to a halt. You can’t blame the cast, as everyone seems into the silly nature of the material, but the script doesn’t push. I would have loved more wild moments and more outlandish dialogue. So the movie has some fun moments, but its inconsistent and doesn’t live up to the premise. Even so, fans of Full Moon or wacky horror should give it a spin.

No nakedness, but one girl is covered head to toe in frosting. Some blood here, but not all that much. A finger is lopped off, a girl’s face is slashed, and a knife to the forehead is uncorked. These are non graphic and don’t pour blood, but its nice to have some bloodshed. The scene where someone tries to eat the killer cookie yields some nice red stuff too. Busey delivers a good amount of corny one liners, just as a killer cookie should. I would have loved more screen time for Busey’s voice work, as it is fun here. The bitchy blonde has some humorous moments as well, but those two characters are about it for fun dialogue. The premise is quite crazy, but the end result shows a lot of restraint. Could be budget related or what not, but the idea is never pushed over the edge and the writing stays pretty grounded. I wish it was nuttier, but it has a few weird scenes involved.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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