Plot: Although the murderous bong Eebee was demolished, the effects of her wrath remain evident. Bachman (Mitch Eakins) is having fits of rampant narcolepsy, Brett (Brian Llyod) has the most severe case of the munchies in history, and Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) has a permanent boner. However, Alistair (Brett Chukerman) is able to deduce these are side effects of smoking weed, only amplified. The boys think Eebee holds the answers, so they start to look into the bong’s history. After delivery man Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) tells them about the bong’s origins in South America, a road trip commences to uncover the truth. Once there, the group meets a gorgeous scientist who is more than willing to help, but then Larnell’s cranky grandfather shows up out of nowhere. The potent weed of the area awakens the fragments of Eebee that Larnell brought with him, while the scientist and the bitter old man argue over how the powerful weed should be used. Can the guys ever be free from the curse of Eebee and what secrets does this dark jungle hold?

Entertainment Value: The first of numerous Evil Bong sequels, King Bong takes us a new adventure deep into the woods…I mean jungle. The original movie was quite passable, but Evil Bong 2 improves on the formula. The essentials remain the same, with a focus on stoner humor, but things just work better this time around. The jokes seem to land more and the movie is just more fun, fully embracing the ludicrous nature of the material. Most of the main cast returns, but Sonny Carl Davis is given a lot more screen time here. He is a lot of fun to watch, chewing up scenes and having some great exchanges with Jacob Witkin. Those two wind up with the movie’s best moments, hands down. Eebee herself is given a little more to do as well, while King Bong is fun as well. Full Moon took what worked in the original and tuned it up, then added in some fresh elements, just what a sequel should do. Plenty of stoner humor, mean spirited banter, topless girls, and cheap special effects. A rare sequel that outpaces the original, Evil Bong 2 is a goofy, fun ride.

Not two, not four, but ten beautiful jungle jugs are on display here. The girls don’t do much besides stand around and look hot, but boobs are boobs. No quick glimpses either, these girls remain topless from the second they appear and have the goods out the entire time. No real blood, aside from minor and non graphic incidents of violence. The horror is lessened in this sequel, leaving with more of a pure comedy, rather than a hybrid. I found the dialogue to be much improved this time, with a lot more memorable lines. As I said above, Davis and Witkin have the best lines and both really go for the gold here. Witkin’s verbal cruelty is hilarious, even more brutal than the last time. But Eebee and King Bong have their share of puns and humorous lines, so don’t count them out. An evil bong is wild, but an evil bong that lives in the jungle is even wilder. Even so, Evil Bong 2 focuses on the humor and not the madness, so it remains mostly grounded.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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