Plot: After an ambush claimed his wife’s life and put him in the hospital for eight months, Buford Pussser (Bo Svenson) is back on the streets and plans to once again serve up justice. But the Dixie Mafia still has a strong presence in the area, with Pinky Dobson (Lew Askew) tasked to handle Buford. While the sheriff gets back to shutting down moonshine camps, Pinky hires race car maverick Stud (Richard Jaeckel) to take down Buford for good. But it has to look like an accident, so Stud plots to sabotage Buford’s car, then lure him into a chase. At the same time, a new girl arrives in town and seems sweet on Buford, but she is also a plant, aimed to set up the lawman. But that’s not all, as lunatic criminal Ray Henry (John Chandler) is armed and on the loose. Buford hasn’t faced this much heat before, but if he can crack the group, he can get the crooks off the street and find out more about who was behind his wife’s murder. But will he even survive long enough to find out the truth?

Entertainment Value: Buford’s back and while Bo Svenson takes over the lead, much of the original cast has returned here. Svenson seems more refined than Joe Don Baker’s rough and tumble Buford, but he is capable and handles the role well enough. The cast also features a fun performance from Richard Jaeckel, as well as good work from Bruce Glover as rock solid officer Grady. I’m glad much of the cast reprised their roles, but I do wish Felton Perry could have been back. This is more vigilante justice, with more focus on action than drama, which means there’s a little less tension this time around. Buford is more of an action hero, but the movie still works and is a lot of fun to watch. I also think the multi-villain approach was a wise choice, as it keeps Buford on a constant vigil. I do prefer the grittier, more raw take as seen in the original, but Walking Tall Part 2 isn’t overblown, it just leans more on the action side of the coin. If you like vigilante justice movies or the legend of Buford Pusser, give this sequel a chance.

One set of breasts, shown to us out of nowhere and for no reason. The best breasts are always gratuitous though, right? Buford uncorks a lot of violence here and that means blood, from brawls to shoot outs. The squibs here give us a nice little gush, but within reasonable range. The fighting blood is basic and simple, about what you’d expect when dealing with a guy swinging a caveman club. Not gore related, but this movie has some nice car stunts involved as well. And a fun boat crash that shows off the true power of the logging industry. More tough guy talk from Buford, as he smashes up his enemies with his big stick and even buries their shit with a backhoe. The scene where Buford “searches” the car of Stud is hilarious, filled with great entertainment. This is a little more wild than the original, given the uptick in action, but still feels within acceptable genre boundaries. I’m still awarding a point or two though, so Buford doesn’t break my windshield.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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