Plot: Ronnie (Michael St. Micheals) and his son Brayden (Sky Elobar) live together and work together, running a disco tour of local historical spots. The two have an odd relationship, one that veers between intense devotion and bitter resentment, but they push onward together. Ronnie loves his food to be drowning in grease or oil, to the point he is sure others must assume he is The Greasy Strangler. He is of course, slathering himself in grease and killing innocent people in the night. Meanwhile, Brayden begins a courtship with Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo), a woman he met when she took the disco tour. Brayden falls quickly for Janet, losing his virginity to her and wanting to be with her forever. But Ronnie has eyes for Janet as well and as he is quite the smoothie, Brayden is quite concerned. What will becomes of Brayden’s fragile love and will anyone stop The Greasy Strangler?

Entertainment Value: A dark comedy with a world of unique, off the wall characters, The Greasy Strangler is quite a ride. The story follows a quirky, dysfunctional father and son, but this is more of an experience than a normal narrative. There are beats and arcs, but the movie doesn’t follow traditional storytelling methods often. The cast is given some wild material to perform and across the board, they commit and run with the concept. Michael St. Michaels is simply excellent here, fully committing to Ronnie, which requires him to give a manic, hilarious performance. Elizabeth De Razzo and Sky Elobar are great as well, if these three hadn’t nailed their parts, the film would have sunk. But they embrace the madness and it pays off. The humor here is dark and often mean spirited, but there is also genuine emotion and depth at times. The movie doesn’t always make sense, feeling sometimes quite random, but it works. If you appreciate quirky, dark humor, you should check it out.

Just one female in the entire movie, but at least she gets naked. More than a few times she shows her breasts and ass, not to mention a massive, fake bright orange bush. A double is used for the singing ass clip, but oh well. We also have very fake, very funny prosthetic penises, which look more like fleshy carrots. Some fun gore scenes, but mostly very cheap looking CGI. This could have been intentional, given the rest of the movie, but I can’t award full points for CGI crimson. Ronnie punching a guy’s face puckered is a highlight, while we also see eyes popping out, ears torn off, and a hokey firing squad sequence. So there is blood and it is fun to watch, but I wish it was all practical effects. As far as dialogue, just about every scene has a great line or exchange. The writing is so off the rails at times, you can’t help but marvel at the dialogue, love it or hate it. The lines are spread out well, giving everyone plenty of memorable moments, but Ronnie tends to steal the show. I’d be surprised if every one who sees this doesn’t quote it at some point. This is pure insanity, presented in a dank, sad world filled with strange, colorful characters. The visuals, the performances, the dialogue, the situations, its all crazy and it all entertains at a high level.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

The Disc: FilmRise released the movie on Blu-ray via MVD Entertainment and as expected from a recent release, the movie looks sharp and super clean, with no real issues evident. The image has excellent fine detail levels, perhaps a little too crystal clear given some of the unsettling sights involved. In short, the movie looks fantastic and I couldn’t find anything to nitpick about in this one. The extras include audio comments from director Jim Hosking and stars Michael St. Michaels & Sky Elobar, cast & crew interviews, and the film’s trailer.

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