Plot: Aydar (Luciano Marin) is part of a tribe that reveres the sun and soon, he will be given leadership over his people. His tribe was forced to migrate due to extreme cold, so the group is still learning about the new land. A danger quickly arises when a lake monster rises from the depths and while the tribe’s warriors fight well, the monster seems to be too much. But hope arrives in Maxus (Reg Lewis), who slays the lake beast and saves the sun tribe. Aydar is grateful and offers Maxus a place in the tribe, but as the son of Hercules, Maxus must travel on and help others. Soon after, a nearby tribe who exalt the moon decide to raid Aydar’s tribe, killing numerous men and kidnapping the women. Of course, Aydar won’t go down without a fight, so he rallies the remaining warriors and they charge into the moon tribe’s land. But down in numbers and battle worn, can Aydar’s tribe defeat the moon tribe and rescue their women? And what role will Maxus take in this epic conflict?

Entertainment Value: Ah, the Italian sword & sandal epics. This movie was dubbed and recut for American audiences, to make Maxus into a son of Hercules. This version also has a goofy song added in that is just ridiculous, but adds some entertainment. Also known as Colossus of the Stone Age and Maciste Contra Los Monstruos, this movie is more about tribal conflicts than fire monsters. Maxus finds himself in the midst of this trouble and while the story is basic, it does what it needs to. I doubt many watch these peplum films for narrative, so a thin story isn’t a real concern. The cast is solid, with the great Reg Lewis showing off his muscles by fighting dragons, throwing huge stones, and battling men by the dozens. We also have some beautiful ladies on showcase, including an amusing cave girl dance routine. Lots of cheese in this one, with hokey monsters and overblown performances, but its still fun. No real dull stretches and tons of wild cave man brawls, too. If you’re a fan of the genre or are curious about it, Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules is solid fun.

A lot of beefcake to be seen, but no nakedness. Just loincloths and strapping bare chests, as the genre dictates. I mentioned before a cave girl dance routine and it adds some fun cheesecake to the mix. A silly, but enjoyable dance segment, it is perhaps the non monster highlight of the picture. A little blood, but its non graphic and just reminds us of who is wounded. But there are a lot of cave man battles in this one, which are frantic and wild. Clubs everywhere, guys being thrown around, and Reg Lewis throwing stones, its all out of control. The monsters are fun too, looking like either paper mache or a real lizard dressed to impress. Those moments are some of the most entertaining to me, as I love low rent, practical effects. The English dub is terrible and of course, that means some hilarious dialogue. Not much stands out as overly memorable, but the moment to moment dialogue is usually a good laugh. This movie can be wild at times, but it stays within the genre’s established guidelines. Even so, the rotten dialogue and fun monsters earn it a solid point.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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