Plot: A small band of mercenaries is trying to push forward, but they’re shaken and have some serious problems. The group has endured a lot and is nursing injures, both mental and physical. Tensions are high and despite the need to work together to survive, there is frequent arguing and tempers often flare. A pair of hooded prisoners travel with them, being transported by the group to hand off down the road. As they try to find a safe haven or vehicle to travel in, the mercenaries notice signs of enemy presence. As some are already at a breaking point, this serves to cause even more panic and tension. When a building is searched, a young girl is found inside a shipping crate and taken along for the journey. After the harsh trek and severe losses, the soldiers happen upon a tank in a field. As enemy forces seem to be closing in, the group loads inside the tank, although it is inoperable. Some cover is welcome however and if nothing else, it should allow them to catch their breath and make a plan for the next course of action. But as time passes inside the tank, things don’t go as planned…

Entertainment Value: Tank 432 has some good ideas and a rock solid cast, but things just don’t seem to come together. The movie is marketed as a horror/thriller, but in truth this is more of a drama with some thriller moments. The pace is very slow, but the slow burn doesn’t really happen, as the narrative doesn’t support it with sufficient tension or build. The cast is quite good, but since we never learn much about them, it can be tough to connect or care what happens. I don’t always need in depth story and development, but with a pace this slow, there needs to be some substance. Things move forward a little once we enter the tank, but by the time the story gets some momentum, the film is close to over. Tank 432 has good performances and some solid atmosphere, with the tight confines of the tank providing a nice claustrophobic feel. But the paranoia, wild twists, and hallucinations teased are minimal. If you’re after horror or a tight thriller, this might be too slow and even pretentious at times. But if you want a deliberate drama with some minor swerves, give Tank 432 a look.

No nakedness, but we do see a guy take a shit, get it all over his hands, then rub it on his face by accident. So that’s something, right? Not much blood either, with a cool “run over by a tank” moment that stands out, even if its bloodless. You also see some aftermath of violence, like bloody necks and such, but we never see the actual violence that caused the deaths. A few gun shots pop off as well, but the blood effects are minor and don’t gush like we’d like. The writing is solid, but aside from Capper’s manic moments, not much of it is memorable. So its well written, just not quotable or overly memorable, which is fine. Despite the attempts to weave in hallucinations and odd figures, I didn’t find much out of the ordinary with this one. A straight forward drama with a few light sprinkles of strangeness, but not much.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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