Plot: Captain Kohler (E.J. Walsh) has a plan to end World War II sooner rather than later, by leading a high risk, high reward mission. His plan was approved and after scouting over one hundred potential soldiers, Kohler has selected his small squad of men to carry out this crucial assignment. This group of half a dozen soldiers will infiltrate a remote Nazi outpost and steal vital battle plans, which will cause all kinds of chaos within the German forces. The mission seems like a noble and worthwhile one, but Kohler doesn’t just want to storm the outpost for the battle plans. He knows there is a treasure trove of Nazi jewels at the same outpost and that cache is his true target. Once the men take over the compound, they discover it is filled with beautiful women. These lovely ladies put on a show for them and even offer massages, which the lonely soldiers quickly accept and in turn, let down their guards. But is there more to this outpost than meets the eye and will Kohler’s secret plan be uncovered?

Entertainment Value: They say war is hell, but The Cut-Throats reminds us that war also includes baby powder massages, bare ass clowns, and girls who fuck feet. This is quite a ride, a blend of softcore sex, war movies, and Nazisploitation, all crafted in a way that makes you wonder if you’ve been drugged. The story seems normal enough, as a commander leads his men to overtake an outpost, but he has a secondary plan to take some valuable jewels in the process. But minimal time is spent on narrative, or dialogue, or anything that makes sense. Instead we have a series of scenes that make little sense, but are wildly entertaining because they’re so bizarre. This is low rent, off the rails stuff that you’ll either hate or fall in love with. Ok, so maybe not fall in love with, but if you’re into offbeat cinema, you’ll at least have a crush. The acting is…what it is. I think it just adds to the odd duck nature of the movie, but that’s just me. Love it or hate it, you won’t see many movies like The Cut-Throats.

This one has ample nudity and not just naked women, but naked women in some off the wall situations. I mentioned a bare ass clown above and there is indeed one here, who reveals she is painted from head to toe in clown makeup when she disrobes. Yeah, a sex scene with a girl covered in clown makeup. A massage scene has a woman lick a guy’s big toe, then fuck his foot. Yes, The Cut-Throats features a beautiful woman going cowgirl on a Nazi’s foot. What else could you want? Ok, a Nazi officer drinks wine out of Uschi Digard’s ass crack. Plus more tits, more bush, just lots of nakedness all around. We get some solid squib work, but otherwise not much blood. There’s not much dialogue really, so not many memorable lines. But if you want nonsense and craziness, The Cut-Throats delivers in spades. I’ve listed some of the strange scenes, but those are just a piece of the madness seen here. Nothing makes sense, nothing has a reason, its just low rent chaos that always entertains. Unless you just don’t like unexplained nonsense, in which case you’ll hate this movie.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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