Plot: Elaine (Samantha Robinson) wants to love someone and be loved in return, but she hasn’t found her ideal man just yet. Her last boyfriend wound up leaving her, which has caused her heartache, but she is trying to move on. She is in a new apartment that suits her style to perfection, so she plans to start fresh and find new love. Elaine also happens to be a witch and while she knows the potential dangers, she can’t resist using some love potions and spells to ease her efforts. After she meets and seduces a new man, he is overwhelmed by the emotions unleashed by Elaine’s love magic. He becomes weak and soon, Elaine is burying his body and looking for her next romance. As her actions catch up with her, Elaine meets a detective name Griff (Gian Keys) and is instantly drawn to him, even as he investigates the body she buried. Has she finally found her true love, or is Griff is just another victim of her desperate drive to be loved?

Entertainment Value: The Love Witch is a beautiful movie that never lets your senses loose, just a gorgeous cinematic creation. The visual design is excellent, inspired by 60s and 70s genre cinema and capturing that feel so perfectly. I was constantly scanning scenes, checking out all the incredible little visual details, as each scene is loaded with so much to soak in. Anna Biller wrote and directed The Love Witch, which has a lot in common with her previous movie, Viva, but her progression as a filmmaker is quite obvious here. The Love Witch marks a more refined, focused vision and Biller has really created some beautiful art with this movie. A horror movie at heart, the film centers on Samantha Robinson, who conveys Elaine’s searing sociopathic ways quite well. Her turn here is powerful and really enhances the experience. The rest of the cast is quite good too, but Robinson shines the brightest. The Love Witch is slow, but makes the most of each scene even if it is likely too deliberate for some genre fans. But if you love gorgeous visuals and movies that seem like living art, The Love Witch is highly recommended.

The Love Witch has a lot of skin, but not that much nudity on showcase. There’s a couple of ritual scenes that feature a number of naked men and women, however. So you’ll see some breasts, bush, butts, and of course, swinging dicks in those scenes. Samantha Robinson also shows off her beautiful breasts a few times, but otherwise there’s just a couple of quick flashes of the flesh. But you see some nice burlesque routines, which might not be naked but are quite fun to watch. There’s a blood soaked tampon, as well as a well executed stabbing with a ceremonial dagger. The dialogue is very well written, which doesn’t leave us many goofy, quotable lines. Elaine and her warblings on love are memorable though, as are some lines from Elaine’s friend Gahan. The level of detail and lavish visuals is quite insane, but overall The Love Witch isn’t an off the rails kind of a ride. Biller doesn’t go for camp, so she keeps the content mostly grounded, like her pretty realistic take on Wiccan practices. Even so, the wackiness of Elaine and the strength of Robinson’s performance earns a point or two.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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