Plot: A new biology professor has arrived at school and Ms. Xenobia (Judy Landers) is not your average college educator. An encounter with a UFO caused her predecessor to get into a car accident, so Xenobia is all too happy to step in. But more than teach, she plans to experiment on one of her students and she knows just which one, the shy and awkward Wesley (Billy Jacoby). He tries to be smooth with the ladies, but winds up making a fool of himself, despite being one of the smartest students. Xenobia injects Wesley with some kind of serum that causes a strange stalk to grow from his head, but this stalk makes him irresistible to the opposite sex. This leads to a close encounter with Xenobia, who is thrilled with the progress of her experiment. Now Wesley is filled with confidence and has a new lease on social life, while Xenobia can’t wait to see how her experiment progresses. Will Wesley become the new campus stud or will this experiment somehow blow up in his face?

Entertainment Value: Dr. Alien is a goofball sex comedy, drenched in 80s style and loaded with bad jokes and great tits. The cast is impressive in the ladies department, with Judy Landers, Ginger Lynn, Linnea Quigley, and Michelle Bauer all on deck. That’s quite a lineup. So the story is outlandish, with a nerd given a butthole on a stalk that grows from his head and makes girls instantly moist. Now he can get his beak wet with any girl he wants, except for the one he has fallen for, as for some reason his newfound sexual prowess is limp to her. The humor is dated and that gives it some charm, plus the cast is enthusiastic, which helps. David DeCoteau provides solid direction and keeps the movie on track, even if it isn’t always the right track. This might not be a good movie in the usual sense, but Dr. Alien is never dull and never slows down. The cast embraces the goofy tone of the material and the movie runs with the strange premise, so it all works better than it should. If you’re a fan of oddball 80s comedies, topless scream queens, or Full Moon, Dr. Alien warrants a spin.

A lot of bare breasts in this one and with the all star lineup I listed above, you know this is top shelf nakedness. The topless scenes might be brief, but the star power is strong and the quality shines through. Ginger Lynn, Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quigley, Laura Albert, and more lovelies all pop their tops, though sadly Judy Landers always keeps her lingerie intact. Even so, this is a wonderful selection of starlets and while its never goes beyond the jugs, the nudity is epic.  No blood, but the butthole on a stalk effect is pretty cool, as well as quite ridiculous. I am awarding one point for a pretty awesome face stretching scene, though. The dialogue is what you’d expect from an 80s sex comedy, with plenty of hornball lines and goofy exchanges. Not much stands out as quotable, but most of it is entertaining, one way or another. A wacky premise earns a point on the insanity scale, but Dr. Alien sticks close to sex comedy tropes otherwise.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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