Plot: Karl Thomasson (Treat Williams) is once again called on to go undercover, this time as a history teacher a military academy. His predecessor seems to have disappeared and while there’s no proof, Colonel Teague (J. Don Ferguson) suspects foul play. This is because his own flesh and blood Ted (Grayson Fricke), has pretty much dropped off the radar at the school since he became involved with a group known as the Werewolves. This squad is led by the school’s commandant, a stern and intense man named Brack (Patrick Kilpatrick). Karl needs to meet up with a couple other undercover agents already in place, then figure out what Brack is up to with this special unit. It becomes clear right away that members of the Werewolves have white supremacist views, passed down right from the top. So Karl quickly understands what Brack is doing, but he is stunned to learn the group is blowing up minority owned businesses and plans to do even more. Karl has faced countless enemies in his life, but can even he handle a man as evil as Brack?

Entertainment Value: This is the end, the swan song for the vigilante teacher series known as The Substitute. Treat Williams saddles up one last time and goes out in style, doing battle with teen hate mongers and a psycho who provides a great final villain. Patrick Kilpatrick plays the leader of the Werewolves and nails the role, a proper final opponent for our beloved Karl to clash with. The story is the same as always, Karl has to infiltrate a school and teach some lessons, but it works fine. There’s less focus on class time here, which means more action and character development. A good amount of time is spent to illustrate how vile our villains are, so you’re poised to see them taken down. Angie Everhart is here as a potential love interest and of course, she takes her top off. The action here is frequent and fun to watch, save one really bad CGI explosion. I was kind of let down by how Brack is dealt with, but seeing Karl against Brack’s right hand man is quite fun. I won’t pretend this is high art, but if you’re a fan of the series or teachers who fight back, give it a chance.

A couple of topless scenes, one with a white trash waitress who has awesome jugs and of course, Angie Everhart reveals her assets. I’m always glad to see Everhart topless and she doesn’t disappoint here, beautiful stuff indeed. There’s also a quick flash of bare ass from the waitress, which was nice of her. Not much blood, but we do get an awesome chain of double knife stabbings that concludes with a solid gush of crimson. You also see some red stuff from the various gun shots, but not a lot of juice in these squibs. A severed head is also served on a silver platter, which is a fun moment. Most of the memorable dialogue comes from Brack, who has his white supremacist rhetoric down to a science. This guy really dislikes multiculturalism and doesn’t mind who knows. Aside from that, just some of the usual one liners from Karl and that’s about it. Karl against Neo-Nazis is a fairly crazy concept, but this one stays mostly in the lines established by the previous installments. I wouldn’t have minded a balls to the wall finale, but it is what it is.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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